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  1. Thanks for the laugh and that is one joke I will never forget to share -lol
  2. Well, thanks for sharing your experience “Lovetocruise2002”! As for “SC service” not applying when you are not on the ship as you mentioned, I have clearly found that out -lol. However, I would think from a marketing standpoint, RCL would take better care to value Star Class customers, before, during and after a cruise! It all just seems so counter productive for the sake of the cruise line, because most existing customers are the most likely to be potential future customers too. When you consider the marketing costs to attract new customers, delaying refunds to existing customers accomplishes nothing but the risk of additional lost revenue in the future too.
  3. I booked and paid for Royal Caribbean Star Class cabin accommodations and service, but unfortunately the cruise was cancelled due to the dreadful Corona Virus. This would have been our 4th cruise over the past 5 years but our first with Royal Caribbean. Needless to say, we were very excited about the cruise along with the included ‘A through Z perks’, not to mention the exceptional Star Class Cabin we would enjoy for a week. Among the options we were given as a result of the cruise cancellation, we simply chose the full refund (6 weeks ago) but we haven’t received our refund yet and no communications initiated by RCL at all, about the status of our pending refund (a simple e-Mail would have been nice). Initially, Royal Caribbean posted internet notices, explaining refunds would take 30 days, but has since extended that time to 45 days. I’m just disappointed that the ‘A through Z’ included perks and superior Star Class service I paid for, doesn’t include the letter “R” for refunds, because I expected my requested refund wouldn’t have left me at the back of the line as a Star Class passenger, which is where I still find myself while waiting for the refund from Royal Caribbean. On the positive side, Royal Caribbean representatives have all been nice and sympathetic during my telephone inquiries, but has accomplished nothing so far. Unfortunately, the only experience I will now have had with Royal Caribbean to measure their STAR Class service for future consideration, is the manner by which they have handled my refund.
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