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  1. Great move! Thanks all for the replies, we went ahead and booked on Monday! Now it’s time to watch. Already saved on our hotel in Miami.
  2. Thanks for the replies all. Sure gives us a little peace of mind to go ahead and book. Do you guys think we will see some price reductions going throughout the year once cruising resumes?
  3. Hi All! Long time reader, first time poster... We are looking at some cruises for the December/ January timeframe on an Oasis class ship (Oasis or Symphony preferably). We are torn between locking in the trip at these high prices or wait for things to clear up and see a price break. So here are my main questions: We placed an open ended deposit on our last cruise (I know, we missed our OBC window but life happens). If we book Symphony of the Seas for December 12 and see a price drop, does this affect our ability to rebook? Say we go with that December 12th cruise. The
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