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  1. Thank you everyone! Great advice. I am really uncomfortable giving the kids the free style cups, so we may just have to hide them. Also, I am so relieved to hear that the earlier My Time Reservations are held back. I do plan on running to make both Speciality and My Time reservations as soon as I get on board. Thanks again!
  2. Long time lurker, first time poster here. Took the family on Symphony last March and had an absolute blast. Decided to do it again and booked Oasis earlier this year. Got a great price, have a large balcony state room. My parents are coming and have the room next door. We plan on having the divider taken down for a nice large veranda. Even my sister in law and a friend are coming (they are across the hall in an inside room). I have a few questions as we’re doing a few things differently this time. 1. We took advantage of the ultra, ridiculously cheap drink package mistake earlier this year. The wife and I certainly don’t drink anywhere near enough for the full price package, but at $18 per day, I think we have it covered. Here is the question: I understand we will both be given free style cups as well for the soda machines. As we really don’t drink soda, is it completely wrong just to give those to our kids (daughters aged 10 and 11)? 2. We had fixed early dining last time, but were convinced to go with My Time Dining this time. We also booked (as did everyone in our group) the 3 night dining package. I understand that we will be given a first night (or choice) reservation, which we can change as soon as we board, as well as book the other two nights. The question is this: We only have 1 reservation for the 2nd night (1st formal night) in the main dining room at 6:30. Made that reservation a while ago, before the entertainment portal opened. When I went back a few weeks ago to book other My Time Reservations, there was literally nothing available, any night, before 8pm. My travel agent said not to worry, you should have no problem making reservations once you board. True? This is concerning me. 3. On Symphony, we missed out on ice skating and laser tag as there were no times available by the time we tried to make a reservation (like 4th or 5th day on board). How do I go about making those reservations as there is nothing in the Cruise Planner about those activities? 4. The itinerary includes Labadee, and I snagged an over the water cabana on Nellies Beach during the Black Friday sale. How easy is it to do other activities once we get there, like zip lining, the coaster, etc.? Probably would just do them once. I think thats it. We fly to Miami next Saturday for a Sunday embarkation. This board has been truly invaluable and I thank you all for your assistance with these questions.
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