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  1. I don’t know why it even matters if the grandfather knew the window was open or closed. If he hadn’t disobeyed ship rules by lifting the baby over the hand railing she would still be alive. This family just seems out to make a profit from their baby’s death. They keep spreading deceptive remarks about the cruise ship to get support for their unfounded lawsuit. They immediately called the accident location a “children’s play area” while the video shows a bar near the open window — clearly not the children’s play area. Saying the truth that gramps and Chloe were hanging out near the pool bar when gramps lifted her out an open window doesn’t bode well with their lawsuit so they twist the truth. I read that the grandfather said at first he felt responsible for Chloe’s death but now he blames the cruise line. Gramps needs to be found guilty of negligent homicide so he understands that he alone is responsible for Chloe’s death. It disgusts me that this litigious family can’t take responsibility for their own actions, that they trusted a moron with their baby and his negligence caused her death. It’s not always someone else’s fault.
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