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  1. Same room choice? Are you able to get a new price on the room you already have booked? Or do you mean something else by your own stateroom? TKS
  2. So how are you making the comparison as to the present stateroom prices to the one you have booked. Are you just looking at the same category, category and deck or something different. Perhaps I getting to technical here but I would like to know what others are doing? What if there are no similar staterooms at all?
  3. I hope this is not a frivolous question but I an wondering if anyone knows any short cuts to doing a test booking. RCL does not remember my personal information and I don't think the true prices show up till all the information including the Crown and Anchor number are entered. Is there are shortcut to this process? Is there a way to store the information to auto load it into the booking screens? How about a way to screen price drops without having to go through the process of entering personal booking information? Thanks in advance for any information.
  4. That certainly puts things in perspective. Maybe you have been rewarded with some spectacular deals?
  5. It is easy to call a RC CS rep and ask for repricing. Unless the TA proactively pursues repricing I would have to call the TA who then calls RC for the repricing. I tend to be a do it yourselfer by nature and that is my first instinct, just get it done. The way COSTCO is set up with a website to book the cruise it is like booking direct with RC but with COSTCO comes a COSTCO card post cruise to good to spend at COSTCO as well as possible other benefits. As far as I can tell the perks are a bit better at COSTCO and the site allows me to do my own research, comparison shop then click and schedule I suppose there are outstanding TA's out there that stay on top of repricing and provide services that override any added COSTCO perks
  6. I found that repricing was rather painless It is easy to get a RC customer service agent online and ask for a repricing. It was rather I did it twice with no hustle. The dummy reservation process was slightly time consuming but, in my case, it was well worth it. My tendency is to avoid the middle person including TA's. I have used Costco because it is a self directed simple process and and often followed by a nice rewards card. Please don't let this turn in to a discussion about the merits of using a TA. Fee free to refer me to other discussion threads in that regard but I am asking specific questions here. I am concerned that using any TA such as Costco will hinder direct efforts to do the repricing or other self help cruise planning. The one time I used a TA I was dealing with a OBC investor based issue and initially referred to my TA. The RC rep relented and allowed me to deal direct. So here are my questions for discussion; 1, If I have a TA can I call direct for a repricing 2, are there good websites or user groups that can provided valid alerts for repricing purposes Thank you in advance.
  7. Thanks for all the good information. Thanks to the double point offer and transatlantic sailings my wife and I will go from low gold to diamond this year. The help is appreciated.
  8. Thanks for the reply. As I understand it repricing is essentially a cancellation and rebook but I guess that can't be taken literally or it would be a forfeiture of non refundable deposits. But where does RC draw the line on that. I heard that repricing would eliminate any on board credit promotions?
  9. Does repricing after the end of the double point offer result in abandonment of the additional points?
  10. Debating a Boardwalk v Central Park. How long do the movies run? Do they cut off at a particular time thus ending the noise issue you mention? Thanks
  11. So I know this is an old topic but what floor/location would be the best for a Central Park Balcony. Thnks
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