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  1. Hi All, I finished a cruise last Sunday. When should those points appear on my crown and anchor account? Thanks! J.
  2. Wow that's a big difference. Odd that RC seems to incentivize 2 person use of 2 BR cabins. Wouldn't have thought pricing would work like that... Those cabins look great though. I am staying in one for the first time next year. Though I have toured them several times I have never cruised in one...
  3. The new UPS suites over the bridge look stunning for two people but the lack of a balcony is a no go for me. I didn't know about the 2BR ATS being the cheapest. I guess its a discount for not being on the 17th floor? Check the GPS/OPS prices. Not sure how they compare in price to the ATS but for two people those are amazing rooms. I keep booking those for now. Once my kids are too big to share that little balcony, we'll be switching rooms.
  4. Star Loft wasn't something you like? I do think once you have travelled star class you are spoiled forever but a large chunk of your paid for space in a 2br is going to go unused by you. I think in a star loft you will use all of your space and the balcony is still huge. Personally I would even go OPS or GPS over the Star Loft (in-fact I have made that choice twice) but the balcony is much smaller (though you do get a jacuzzi).
  5. Hi All, I will be on Labadee on my December cruise with twin 8 year olds and I am confused by the options available. A lot of things I thought looked great, they will be too young for (like zip line). I am trying to decide what I need to (or should) be pre-purchasing for the family to do? Can anyone recommend the must dos. Falmouth I am not that interested in but was thinking maybe one of the large group river tubing excursions or something similar. We're a same sex couple and I am not all that comfortable taking the kids on excursions that aren't crowded with a lot of other gue
  6. I get how the line cutting works for most of the activities, but any idea how to bypass the line for the waterslides? I probably won't do it, but I am certain my 8 year olds would love to abuse the heck out of that option... I have never ridden one, but it always appeared to be a single file line up a thin staircase. Thanks.
  7. What else does this band help you skip the line for? Is there a way to skip the waterslide lines, ladabee spots or anything else? Thanks.
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