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  1. Thank you.... I don’t know yet..... first cruise. I’ve spoken to my TA, keeping this room. She contacted RC who said it was the same category as promised.... not sure I completely agree with that statement but I’m good with the room assigned.
  2. I’ve contacted her. I just wanted to make sure I knew what I was talking about first. Thank you all.
  3. It was a Spacious OV Balcony 2B GTY. I’ve attached a piece of my invoice so you can see. This is my first cruise so not sure about XB or anything else. I booked through and agency and a group rate.... maybe that makes a difference?
  4. Thank you. So, if I am guaranteed a 2B and have been assigned 4B (the very first balcony in the front), it’s a downgrade right? Will Royal correct this if I call them?
  5. I booked a GTY spacious oceanview balcony 2B and was just assigned a 4B. Thank you
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