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  1. My husband and I just did a Star Class cruise this past January on Anthem. Just like you I asked all these questions and was told that it would be a trip of a lifetime! Well, from the moment we arrived and had those blue and gold Wow bands placed on our wrists, the ship was ours. I am excited for you!! I can 't think of a thing we paid for, including any cake or candy in the shop inside Starbucks. Enjoy, enjoy enjoy!

  2. I'm confused. My planner now shows $1299 for Oasis Lagoon and Chill Island. South Beach is $799. I did read on these boards that South Beach was closed for construction of the last phase. Is that where the over water cabanas are going? My cruise is Feb 2020. I'm booked in a star class suite. The over water cabanas are suppose to be done in December. I don't know where they will be located or how much. Will the butler or "Genie" help with this? Crown and Anchor club calls have provided little info, and my cruise planner keeps showing booking choices. These boards usually provide great help.

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