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  1. Interesting. Looks like they're going for the team building approach rather than family fun. Makes sense in that respect, I suppose. Still...how old was Will Robinson?
  2. Does anyone have an inkling why the minimum age for the escape room is 12? This seems inordinately high for what is presumably a family activity. Also it seems very ironic because Adventure Ocean is located right next to the escape room. Our 9-year old grandson loves doing escape rooms with us all the time and I know he would love this one. It's really disappointing that he can't do this one with us. Are there any exceptions?
  3. I bought The Key for the exact same price for my upcoming cruise on Harmony. At the time I bought it, Voom Surf and Stream was being offered for $14.99/day, and since that was included in The Key, I would be effectively paying $10.00 for all the perks. This seemed very worthwhile, especially on a large ship but it included, at the time, embarkation lunch at Chops, and personal escort off the ship. Also now I hear they are doing things to speed up embarkation, which leaves me wondering if the KEY is really worthwhile. I have had second thoughts but have decided to just keep it, mainly becau
  4. I figured something likes this but hadn't seen this question addressed anywhere so I thought I would ask it. Appreciate everyone's responses!
  5. I'm not trying to get around the rule, which I am well aware of, but trying to HONESTLY figure out how to comply with it.
  6. ….how can you buy them a drink? There are people in my party who have the UBP and those that don't. Is it still possible for those of us who have the UBP to "put a round" on our sea pass cards? Some other method?
  7. I have the Key for a group of six on Harmony in October. It's my understanding that we have the option of Chops or Jaime's Italian. I would prefer Chops but was looking forward to eating in the actual restaurant, as was stated in the add for the Key. It was one of the big selling points for me and I'm not happy with this change. My question is does this "policy" of using the MDR also include Jaime's or is that restaurant available for Key guests for embarkation lunch?
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