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  1. I was able to book My Time Dining slots on our Cruise Planner for 7 people. We were aiming for around 6pm each night in order to accommodate showtimes in the evening. We have 3 cabins so I linked the reservations and just booked everyone. 

  2. On 5/6/2019 at 8:25 AM, coneyraven said:

    We did the Turtle Farm and Stingray City that included a trip to Hell just a couple of weeks ago.  Completely had a blast.  Next trip will include the dolphin encounter.

    What was your time like at the Turtle Center? Were you able to swim in the lagoon with them? Looking at this excursion and Royal is light on the details! Thanks!

  3. I know Grand Cayman is a tender port and I'm wondering what time is reasonable to book a non-RC excursion. We are slated to arrive at 7am and the excursion I am looking at is at 9am. If that is too early, what time do you think is reasonable so I can look at other options. 

    We will not have the Key or any other priority departure and I know those with excursions through RC have priority. Thoughts? Royal Caribbean isn't offering what we want, Stingray City, Turtle Farm and Reef Snorkel. Thanks! 

  4. On 5/6/2019 at 8:25 AM, coneyraven said:

    We did the Turtle Farm and Stingray City that included a trip to Hell just a couple of weeks ago.  Completely had a blast.  Next trip will include the dolphin encounter.

    I am considering this for our group. My husband and our kids (10 & 12) would love to snorkel but the grandparents (3 of them) will not want to get in the water. Thought this might be a good compromise. Did you think the time with the stingrays was enough? Was the Turtle Farm worth the time? Thanks! 

  5. 10 hours ago, MaryCS62 said:

    DD is handicapped -- CP, can walk, but uses a wheelchair on the cruise for safety & because she's not very fast 😃. We request a shower chair for her, (it's a basic, small stool size one -- something like this --  https://www.amazon.com/HEALTHLINE-Adjustable-Non-Slip-Bathroom-Disabled/dp/B073VS8B4T/ref=sr_1_44?keywords=small+shower+stool+no+back&qid=1573312635&s=hpc&sr=1-44) because she is unsteady at the best of times, and if the ship is rocking at all, she will fall.  At least on Adventure, there are grab bars in the showers, which I myself need, and handheld shower heads.  I use a cane, myself, & use that to steady myself for getting in and out of the shower, for stability.

    Just ask your TA (or call Royal if you are booking yourself) & ask them to attach the request to your reservation. If it's not there when you get to your cabin, just ask your room steward to get it for you.  

    You probably wouldn't have any luck getting a handicap accessible cabin anyway -- they go very quickly, because people who do genuinely need them tend to book as soon as possible -- 1-2 years out.  Those, I believe, are roll in showers, for wheelchair users.

    That sounds like the perfect course of action! I may talk my mom into bringing her walker on for extra stability if she still uses it any by that time. Thank you for the feedback. 

  6. Thanks! We are traveling on Independence of the Seas April 13-18, 5 day Western Caribbean stopping in Grand Cayman and Cozumel. This is right after Easter so spring break for many and I'm sure it will be a full sailing. 

    I certainly don't want to take a handicap cabin if someone else would benefit more (and my mother certainly would not!). It is mostly the shower that concerns me. Are you able to request shower chairs/stools (not sure they would fit!)? She has previously broken her hip and shoulder so she is a bit unsteady. She should be out of the boot in the next month or two and hopefully no longer using a walker by travel time so perhaps just trying for a cabin closer to the elevator would be the way to go. 

    If anyone has cancelled passengers in a room I would love to know how that is handled.

  7. First cruise - We booked a 5 night on Indy in April for 4 people - myself, hubby and 2 kids. Now my in-laws have decided to join and they have a cabin. I'm considering getting my Mom a cabin and removing the 2 kids from our reservation and adding them to hers. We initially booked through a TA using some Hilton points and we were told that it would be find to use the gift certificates that we were expecting from a flight delay. Of course when I received the gift certificates they require a new booking with Royal directly. We were just going to save them for a future trip but now I'm thinking of cancelling the kids on our original reservation and booking a new reservation through Royal to use the gift certificates for my mom and the kids. Is removing people from our initial reservation an issue if final payment hasn't been made? 

    Also, my Mom is 73 and has a history of falls (currently in a boot for a broken ankle) but she does not use a wheelchair or walker. Do you think a handicap room would be advisable? I'm mostly thinking about things like grab bars in the shower. The kids are 10 & 12 and are good at helping so not sure if a regular cabin would be fine. 

    Thoughts??? Advice on traveling with grandparents? Especially those who really aren't big on heat, pools or beaches???



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