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  1. Thank you all. We did have to wait for our luggage and go to the bus which took some time due to lightning. They won’t unload or load bags when lighting. We were told by travel agent that our bags would go straight to ship. Not using her again. Thanks again
  2. So if we have the tag from the ship on the luggage they take care of it? If we were not using transport and taking a taxi but our tags were on luggage then it would still get to ship?
  3. Thank you. We are taking RC transport to ship. Many of ppl told me that we had to get luggage off carousel and take to transport but that makes sense.
  4. How does my luggage get from airport to the ship?
  5. I am flying to Fort Lauderdale for a cruise on Allure. Do I get my luggage when the plane lands or does Royal Carribean take care of it.
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