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  1. Just got off harmony. Can confirm 11-11, they made me anything that didnt require a blender. They also had port wine which surprised me because I couldnt get it anywhere else. Loved my bartenders too. Everyone in the lounge knows your name if you are in there enough! All the staff were amazing.
  2. Yes. Beach Club entrance had a check point for the entire area, then the docks for the overwater cabanas had someone standing there all day. Multiple cabana k too, they all knew us after an hour or so. Some of my guests didnt come until later in the day. I let the people at beach club entrance know they were going to be late. They walked them up when they arrived.
  3. Some time between 1am and 2:30am. I was actually surprised more people werent out. I was completely alone on every deck except the promenade, even that had less than 10 people on it.
  4. Even though I miss the ship already, it's good to be home. We really missed the dogs and it looks like they missed us!
  5. Thanks! It was fun writting about everything, it made me want to take more pics too. Could have written out a lot more too but there wasnt a ton of down time.
  6. The lotion smelled like playdo to me. My wife said she didnt think so until I told her. I wasn't crazy about any of it but I'm a guy so what do I know lol
  7. Not sure if I'm going to get to the rest of the pics tonight just got home. This is what we came home to... could be worse could be a couple inches of snow this time of year. Sigh.. is it time for the next cruise yet?
  8. They actually said it was ok. I was probably the first one in all the cabanas to use it that day. A few others followed suit after I went Edit: what you calling me fat?!?!? Lol.. that's cruise weight... yeah..
  9. Everything exepct the champagne and wine on the top. The cabana attendants will get wine and champagne from the bar and any other mixed drink if you have the drink package
  10. Shout out to "Big Daddy" This guy was amazing in both aquatheater shows. 20200131_161653.mp4
  11. Those are for everyone at beach club. The towels were very nice too. Cabana came with 8 or so of them and we had 8 more delivered since the mother in law was cold and taking them all
  12. Getting use out of that slide. Dont care how windy or cold the water is! 20200201_094021.mp4
  13. You guys know I like the pics of spaces with hardly anyone in it. Here are some spots around Coco Cay that were pretty much empty.
  14. Mini fridge had lots of goodies. Only the champagne on the top was extra. There was also a water cooler that lifted up. I took pics of everything lol, just haven't had time to post everything... damn voom is still slow.
  15. I spotted a couple of the divers from fine line . Really cool people. Yeah that's a chicken sammich in my hand. Felt pretty chonky next to them
  16. I am 5 11 and I could stand in a couple spots, tip toes in most spots. That floating thing was helpful. There was a sand bar close too.
  17. Here are the menus and book that came in the cabana.
  18. The chairs in the water are first come first served. I am fairly sure the beds were too.
  19. You do not get to pick your cabana. I was in cabana 10, it was an end unit. The view was amazing from every angle. Perfect view of the beach club and completely unobstructed view of the ocean. There were multiple cabanas that were sunk back and would have seen the back of other cabanas. Those would have shielded a lot of wind though. We lucked out, you guys saw the forecast i posted a couple days ago... we did not get any rain at all. But we did get 20+ mph winds. The cabana definitely is floating because she was a movin when there was waves. Back on board,
  20. Shower with a bench seat. This was the best pic I got of it.
  21. My in law from florida freezing in 75 degree weather: Me:
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