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  1. I contacted MEI and I was surprise at how fast their response time is. Unfortunately the price they offered is significantly more expensive then what i got from other Travel Agencies.
  2. What sort of service should I be expecting from a travel agent? I don't need them to do any research for me as I know exactly what I want. I am just looking for the most advantageous price. I always see me using a travel agent as going to Best Buy vs Walmart vs Newegg for electronics. The Asus VZ279HE monitor will be the same regardless of which vendor I purchase it from.
  3. I have found two travel agencies that have the same price for the cruise I want (Oasis of the Sea for Dec 2020). The only difference is that my local travel agency is offering $50 less on board credit then the agency I found on CruiseCompete.com which is located in Maryland, USA. My local agency has been around for 30 years where as the one in Maryland has had their domain name registered for the past 5 years. I know exactly which cruise I want, and I am planning to book my flights, excursions, hotels separately closer to the cruise date with any company that offers me the best rate. I am interested in trying to save as much money and don't need the travel agencies to suggest me hotels, flights... I am wondering if there is a difference or any issues I can run into if I book with one travel agency vs another. Issues I am worried about is if the agency in Maryland would somehow scam me, or that they would make a mistake with my booking. Note that this is my first time booking a cruise. TLDR - I'm looking to save as much money as possible, and I know exactly which cruise, hotel, flight I want. I am only interested using a travel agency to get the cheapest rate. Does it matter which travel agency I use?
  4. I am going on a cruise on either the Allure or Oasis of the Sea next year. This will be my first cruise with Royal Caribbean. I am wondering what the quality of the buffet will be like when compared to a buffet on the Vegas strip. Are we looking at a buffet similar to Wynn/Cosmo/Aria, or something along the lines of a Paris/Luxor/MandalayBay?
  5. My girlfriend, myself, and 4 other friends are planning to take a cruise sometime next year (2020). We want to do a 7 day Caribbean cruise with Royal Caribbeans on board one of their Oasis class ships. This is the first time any of us have been on a cruise and to the Caribbeans, so we have some questions. We want to go on the Oasis ships because they are gigantic and offer lots of things to do. Is there a difference between Allure/Oasis of the Sea vs Harmony/Symphony of the Seas? I've noticed that Harmony/Symphony is much more expenses. We are hoping to go when the airfare and cruise tickets are at the cheapest, the weather is warm (not crazy hot) so we can wear shorts and t-shirts, and to avoid as much rainy weather as possible. We are flying from Vancouver, Canada. Looking at pricing and weather charts, I was thinking of sometime after September Labor Day to November Black Friday. Any alternative suggestions? Do we get any discounts booking with a larger group? Should we be booking through a travel agency? Which cruise route (Eastern, Western) should a first timer? We looked at the various ports and nothing stood out. In addition, is a Royal Caribbean 'Perfect Day' worth it? How far in advance should we be booking our flights and cruise tickets?
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