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  1. Got a military discount on my JS for next week HS sailing. Saved over $700.
  2. You have a whole list of supporting documents in SC you need to bring in to get your "Real ID". Passport is one. I got my "Real ID" last year when my DD got her driver's license that qualified as "Real ID". In hindsight maybe I should have avoided the trip to the DMV and just used my passport.
  3. Call RC and discuss what you want. It helps to have picked the rooms ahead of time. The rep may try to put you in different rooms due of occupancy requirements in their computer. Ask for a supervisor to override. I've done this more than once to get my two daughters in a connecting room.
  4. I do not recall the total cost. I think they do a $39.99 a bag (the bag is one of those hotel laundry plastic bags, not very big) wash and fold deal once per room. We had two rooms, that was $80. When my wife and girls discovered the laundry service they used it two more times. I ended up spending a lot more on laundry then I expected/planned/budgeted. The plan was to wash land based clothes once on the ship.
  5. Was on Allure for Hurricane Sandy. Deck 7 at the forward stair well. Last night was rough with ocean spray up to my balcony. I did not get seasick, but the captain kept the ship into the wind and waves so there was no rolling of the ship only heaving bow to stern. Felt like riding a roller coaster. Mariner on two days of stormy seas on deck 10 amidship with a good bit of roll forced me to get some sea sick pills. I am prone to sea sickness, but not other forms of motion sickness. Should be fine as most of my cruises have been. Only twice did I have to see the purser for sea sick pills.
  6. So this was at the Vancouver Airport US Customs Station on our way to Seattle following our cruise. My wife was bringing up the rear when I presented the family to Agent Brown. From her Judge Dread elevated seat she asked who the last person in our group was. I replied my wife. As I turned to confirm Agent Brown, firmly but politely, told my wife to remove her hat and sunglasses. I completed my turn just as my wife removed her sunglasses and gave Agent Brown the biggest eat poop look. I have been on the receiving end of the look many times and instantly knew that Agent Brown was going to have to prove to my wife that the US Customs Service was not to be taken lightly. "It seems there is a problem with your passport Mrs Stephens. You and your family please follow me." She led us into a glass room that she had to open with a key card, directing us to have a seat and wait while another agent investigated the problem. 15 minutes later another agent used his key card to open the door and directed us out. With the door open the agent yelled sarcastically, "Thank you Agent Brown!" Our flight was delayed for two hours. I'm curtain that Agent Brown had our bags unloaded and searched or at least my wife's bags. My wife and I get a good laugh out of the situation today. Not so much as it was happening. No. My wife knew that she had started the war of wills and was losing fast.
  7. Ssh! If RCI sees this we will all be paying to get our linen changed and fresh towels. Today's discounts are tomorrow's up charges. ?
  8. More than once I fought with RCI booking over 2 person room verse 3-4 rooms when only booking for 2 people. I have always won, but a supervisor has to get involved. Not too long ago this never happened, but now many two person rooms are considered up to four even though they don't have anymore square footage. I know it is about max profits, but I book early (often up to 2 years in advance) so I can get the rooms I want.
  9. I'd do it for the points, but after Diamond + it is cheapest cabin wins for us. Only 60 more points to go. Only 46 after June's cruise.
  10. My wife is not a morning person and neither is US Customs Agent Brown. My wife and Agent Brown clashed over the look my wife gave her when Agent Brown told my wife to remove her hat and sunglasses, while declaring ourselves at the airport in Vancouver. The entire family had to spend 15 minutes in the penalty box while Agent Brown investigated my wife's passport. Yes, it is a glass holding area that only opens with a key card.
  11. We did the 3 day pre-cruise followed by the 7 day South Bound cruise from Seward to Vancouver late July 2017. Fairbanks two days with Gold Dredge visit, River Cruise, Train ride to Denali, Tour of Denali, Bus ride to Seward. Liked the hotel in Fairbanks. The Gold Dredge and River Cruise in Fairbanks had great production value and exceeded my expectation. Museum of the North at UofA Fairbanks is well worth it. The train ride from Fairbanks to Denali was 1st class with a great fresh cooked breakfast. Did not like the Hotel in Denali. The long bus tour of Denali was great, but long. Bus ride from Denali to Seward was long with a stop in Anchorage for lunch on your own. Radiance was great. We had a JS port side amidship with adjoining ocean view for the DD's. The balcony partition was a solid bulkhead and could not be opened. Great ship, service, food, outings.
  12. Any menu's from Captain Jacks?
  13. Our very first cruise was on Enchantment in 1999. She was still fairly new and considered one of the largest. This was pre-stretch. I still remember how blown away I was as we walked into the central atrium while boarding. It was a great first cruise and she is a great ship. We have been hooked on cruises ever since. You will have a great time.
  14. FYI, If you need "motion sickness pills" just go to the pursuer's desk and ask. They will give you some a no charge. Good to know. Thanks.
  15. After our 4 days on land we had the ship do our laundry during our south bound cruise.
  16. In 2017 booked a JS for 7 day south bound Alaska cruise on Radiance along with a 3 day land tour prior to the cruise. We received 20 cruise points for the trip. Note we did not receive any up grade in travel or accommodation on the land tour portion of the trip. It was a great trip and a great way to celebrate 25 years of marriage! Even renewed our vows on the ship with the Hubbard Glacier as a back drop.
  17. I agree with Eddieb33. I wait and see in the coming weeks.
  18. Hope someone will let us know of any changes. We sail in June on HS. We have a cabana on Chill Island. The price I paid was over double the old cabana prices ($200) and about half of what is being charged today. If there is no Cooked to Order Lunch, mats or snorkel gear I will find it hard to justify the nearly $500 cost.
  19. Agree with the comment that RCI could and should post pictures in a digital format. Then you could order prints if wanted. Think Disney Photo Pass attached to your Sea Pass card.
  20. Land tours with a suite net double points for the entire trip. Got 20 points two years ago for a 3 day land tour coupled with a 7 day cruise in a JS.
  21. Swam and snorkeled at Nellie's Beach in 2012. Not much to see under the water.
  22. Any of the RC ships still have movie theaters? Never saw a movie on a ship. Too busy doing other things. Thanks.
  23. Is Royal IQ better or worse than the new Royal App? Our last cruise was not on a ship that supported Royal IQ.
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