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  1. Correct. I received in FCC the amount I anticipated. (Once I called them since I only received emails for the cruise planner 125%.) The cancelled cruise was only 4 nights. The cruise I tried to book was longer. Plus I was booking a higher tier for cabin type. The FCC wouldn't have covered the cruise portion amount. Although the FCC would have more than covered the deposit. Actually I didn’t realize we were getting the cruise planner at 125%. I thought that was straight refunded at 100% for the planner portion. After realizing that, I am only anticipating full refund on taxes and prepaid gratuities. However appears the FCC can only be applied through a TA or via phone call. I’m in no rush. I can book whenever for whatever cruise. Maybe that cruise was for the better I didn’t book it. ??
  2. I’m just letting it go. Cruises are a dime a dozen and I have plenty of time. Pretty crap system though. I found on their website that I have to enter my payment information and then enter my FCC number. My FCC is my payment information. Did they plan to charge my cc the FCC amount and then credit it back? That’s ridiculous.
  3. Unsuccessful. I had to call to get this FCC yesterday and was on hold 45 minutes just to get a human. They had sent credits for the cruise planning portion. But not the cruise. She had me on hold several minutes for what I can only assume was her creating the FCC. I’ve tried numerous ways. System reads it is successful. But it isn’t. It wants a cc number no matter what I do. I’m not calling again and waiting another 45 minutes only because their Online system isn’t effective.
  4. TY. I’ll have to try again. I applied the FCC. It acknowledged it. But the system wouldn’t allow the page to advance. And stated they needed $500. ? But I’ll give it another shot. No difference, I’ll just wait.
  5. Yesterday we received our 125% FCC and cruise planner credits from our cancelled September cruise. I was rebookIng for next year, and even after applying the FCC, their system wanted a $500 deposit. Is this the way it’s intended to work? The FCC more than covers the required deposit. I didn’t want to call RC and be put on hold for a long time. Thought others here would have experience. If we do have to put down $500, I’ll just wait on re-booking. We have a March cruise scheduled. (Cross fingers) I may just wait and re-book then.
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