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  1. Thanks for your thoughts. I wasn't sure where the cruise terminals were for either location so that helps settle some concerns. I know I've seen lots of choices for Honolulu and can narrow down some options for Vancouver as well.
  2. We're booked on Radiance for May 5 and plan to stay a couple days in Honolulu and Vancouver. Any suggestions on hotels for both and activities in Vancouver?
  3. We downloaded some Netflix movies to our Ipad so we didn't use data and had something to watch in the evening if we wanted.
  4. We are looking forward to our Alaskan Ovation of the Seas sailing at the end of June but are concerned about cabin location. We have 3 cabins (6310, 6308, and 6710) which are aft obstructed view balcony cabins. I would hate to have to look through life boats to see outside. Has anyone had any experience on deck 6 balcony cabins? Also, the cabins are located next to the Two70. Does anyone know if there are any noise problems due to that location?
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