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  1. Flying into San Juan to sail on Freedom.Two questions 1. Best way to get from the airport to cruise port 2. Do we go thru imegration?
  2. Anyone have info on the best way to get from the San Juan airport to the cruise port?
  3. You replied as I was sending you a message reply from another subject. As stated before, I really appreciate your input. I show to be pre-gold but we are Diamond+. Thanks again
  4. You folks seem very knowledgeable and I appreciate your input We are both prime and saw somewhere on the rccl blog that you can use a casino $200 cruise certificate on an upgrade from interior. Casino Royal told me no. Any input?
  5. We have a free cruise for Prime club royal . I have read somewhere on this blog that you can use a casino voucher to upgrade your room. Casino royal agent says you cannot. Any feedback?
  6. We were told that there is some kind of a deal in the casino that must be used in the first two cruise days of the cruise. Anyone have any helpful info?
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