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  1. Thanks!! What a great blog! Writing is a gift! Appreciate the re-direct! Bish
  2. Well what a great blog this was and great questions as well. God bless whoever thunked up this site..... We were Star Class on Ovation this year and fell in absolute love. We are staring down a possible trip on NCL's Bliss in a 2 BR Family Suite in the Haven. I've read that NCL nickels and dimes you to death. A $5 uptick on a shrimp cocktail? Please. I also believe that anything consumed in the Haven suite beyond Embarkation day is charged to the room, does anyone know if that's the case? In star class, it was a never-ending beer, soda and water delivery......for "free".
  3. We were lucky enough to have done our first Star Class cruise this past March. An opportunity has presented itself on Norwegian Cruise Line.....the ship is called Bliss, and I suppose their "haven" category is NCL's answer to RCI's Royal Class. Just wondered if anyone has had any experience with a NCL "Haven" suite, and if so, how did it compare. I've done a bit of research already, and think I already have my mind made up......but in an abundance of caution, I thought I'd ask some expert cruisers!! Thank you, Bish
  4. Hi John, You will love the suite and we did meet Hannah, as we ended up hanging out with another family who had Hannah as their Genie and she was just as amazing as Luciano. Not sure if you have children, but she was especially popular with the 11 and unders! We are looking at cruising again this year and we just can't seem to look away from the Star Class lofts.....and the genies. No reason to believe Hannah will be anything less than attentive, organized, and "on it" in terms of your needs. Enjoy your journey!!
  5. I grew up in the 70's, so for all you youngsters out there, I remember this song from SESAME STREET, never mind the Muppets! Google the Sesame Street version.....its classic! received a Royal Caribbean survey this week and sent it in; RCI followed up with a phone call to thank me for doing that. So..sigh......I guess it's all officially over.
  6. Awwww......I got a little tear in my eye thinking of coming across Kermit singing that song just in the middle of nowhere and out of the blue. Best song ever. Well, that and Layla...... luv the muppets and will see u on the inaugural muppet cruise then. It's a date. Am I showing my age here? Menomena......
  7. Sorry for being MIA the past few days......our trip back to Canada was a bot of a milk run. the acdc show we saw was in 270, but they played another night earlier in the cruise and I don't know if that was also on 270. Sea plea was busy but never felt overcrowded. My son was able to get on xbox once in a while. But there was no time limit for play, so the games are harder to get on to. The air hockey was open fairly regularly, tho I didn't make a big point in checking (sorry). i don't think anyone staying in star class should shun the MDR.....if the genie puts the bug in the
  8. Odds and sods..... Will mention that friends who saw "the beautiful dream" said it sucked. So did a couple of other folks, including a genie, so we told Luciano we didn't really care to see it either. This cruise has been so wonderful, and this star class experience really is something else. You literally have to deal with nothing....you want something, you need something.....it's a phone call or email away. We feel like we got what we paid for..... oh, and if you are lucky enough to get Marion as your "bar cart guy" he's super! Love Marion! He's on our doorstep ATLEAST tw
  9. Greetings from the balcony......kids and hubby are doing iFly for about the fifth time.....it's nice and quiet now! Oliver, we have only gone to CK for breakfast and lunch.....this evening will be our first dinner there, so deferring to Sabrina on this one! ifly was fun....found out that iFly is also available in Australia on land.....$100 a MINUTE! Yes, I said "minute". People apparently pay thousands to learn to iFly. Perhaps I lead a very sheltered life, but I was shocked to learn this. Later, before the cocktail party, we "pre-gamed" in an Owner's Loft suite, which was ve
  10. Oh man.....id typed out a lengthy post yesterday but for some reason, it's not here. Gggrrrrr... ok.....the short strokes......Noumea was not our best port of call. We got off the boat with the intent of taxi'ing to the aquarium. Taxis hard to come by, it's hot, kids are whining to go back to the ship, so back we go, after spending money to exchange currency twice (from and then back to Australian dollars). Returned to find happy anniversary decorations and chocolate cake and a couple of small gifts from Luciano. Not our anniversary, but hubby thought it would be fun to celebrate a f
  11. K├╝mmelweck? What the heck is that? Food I presume. I will confirm the availability of this for the ou AND learn something new in the doing..... saw pixels and a hypnotist last evening and both were great! In room dining however, was not. Luciano said he would pick up from izumis for us, and the rest of the food had to come from one other restaurant only. Everything was cold. Not sure we would do that again. cocktails and appies seem to be a fairly regular event in the royal loft suite with three super cool, super fun fellow star classers. Another family have also joined in, so
  12. No problem with the questions.....happy to help. Chefs table.....I am trying to raise a couple of great home chefs, so originally planned to take the kids, but a fellow star class cruiser said "they'll be bored silly......send them to CK". We followed her advice and I'm glad I did. The kids would have been bored by the length of the service, and as entertaining as Andrej was, it wouldn't have been enuf for my two. Plus, I think their presence might (ok, likely) would detract from the experience for my fellow diners, some of whom paid some pretty big dineros to sit at that table. you
  13. Well I'm so glad I'm not the only one who has never experienced "reservations" at breakfast..... today started with a 15-minute late in room breakfast as we were dashing off the boat at 8 for a half day tour (booked by a wonderful trio staying in the royal loft suite). In suite coffee maker, an Nespresso knockoff, just isn't cutting it, so I'm up in that Conceirge Lounge every morning, doing three espresso shots and then a cafe latte, all in the same cup. For those of u not counting, that's roughly 530 steps, and two flights of stairs, but I digress...... Wour friends genie took us
  14. I'm sorry I throw them out daily. I can keep today's onward tho! day 3 ended at Jamie's which was absolutely fantastic. Once again, service is a little slow, but the menu was fantastic and the food marvelous. Had bruschetta, calamari and garlic bread.....excellent. Mains were very good also......kids had sliders, pumpkin had lamb which he thought was pretty good and I had ummm, gosh I can't remember right now what I had. It will come to me. Kids and I were tired, but hubby cajoled the boy into going to Legs, Love, Live and The girl and I came to bed. So day 4 was our third conse
  15. This is Eva of Ripcord......my kid is now saying when he grows up, he wants to do Eva's job on this ship...... sigh. The other day he was going to be an astronaut.....
  16. Well our room service arrived and with it a bottle of champagne......I guess six glasses is a bottle, so he said it's basically a wash. ordered some veggies and dip and fresh berries.....I thought it would be a break from the heavier fare we seem to be inhaling at every turn on this ship!
  17. Luciano got us in for another skydive today, roller skating is reserved for 4:30, we met two other families in star class and are having them for cocktails at 3:30. I was sorta surprised when I asked Luciano if we could have a bottle of champagne for this and he said yes, but he would have to charge me for it.n bummed that this is an inconsistency across the genie fleet. On days at sea, there is a bar cart service from 3:30-5:30 so we can also order from that. Yesterday we were invited for a cocktail in the royal loft suite.....holy cow that suite is just massive. I feel like we live
  18. Omg, all we do are stairs and corridors! The elevators are full full full and slow slow slow! Walking off all these meals...... we did the skydive simulator in the afternoon which Luciano had booked us in for. It was fun......be prepared with running shoes......they provide the rest of the equipment. Met a lovely trio of fellow star cruisers who are in the royal loft suite. They invited us up for a cocktail and we got a tour of that beautiful suite......it's huge! We have invited them to our grand loft suite this afternoon after we all do another skydive. did bumper cars in the l
  19. Had lunch at Chops Grille yesterday, which was really good. Ordered the crab cake and goat cheese salad. Hubby had steak, mashed potato and asparagus. Too full for dessert.
  20. And finally.......That BODY PILLOW we ordered from the pillow menu...... the thing is hilariously massive. Pumpkin and I felt like we had a third person in bed with us....(which might have been fun a couple decades ago haha!) kidding!
  21. The loft suite are completely and utterly aft. The nearest staircase or elevator is about 150 steps away. Be prepared, if you have this suite, to do a LOT of walking. Conceirge Club Lounge is 300+ steps and two long corridors away. Not complaining, lord knows I need the exercise. the club is large, quiet and also completely aft, hence the beautiful view. some photos of the long corridors you'll take to get here on deck 12 (or has my husband calls it "dick 12" in his best Aussie accent), some signage at the elevators, including an interactive sign. apologies for the poor phot
  22. Some photos of 10324: ill post more photos later of the room, bathroom, etc. no bath tub in this suite which really bums me out.
  23. Holy smokes......that is a long flight. Managed to sleep off and on for eight or so hours, so actually didn't hit the wall til about 9 last night. we arrived in Sydney at 10 am, and got a cab, which cost $100 Australian dollars. The train would have been the same amount. Limo is available but it was 150$ or so. We opted for the cab and it took about 45 min to get to the port. Traffic was apparently unusually heavy. pulling into the port drop off area was a circus with lots of cabs ahead of us and we couldn't see the star class flag til we were out of the cab with our bags. A port
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