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  1. See my previous post about Ensenada above.
  2. We have not done those thru Royal, but years ago we did horseback riding. We were there last weekend and we just got off the ship and walked around. We went to the "Giant" flag and they had a water fountain show that was short, but very nice. From there we walked into town and took a horse drawn carriage ride. It was short but they stayed on a busy road so it was hard to hear the driver especially thru his mask. We then walked to the Huge Catholic church. We arrived just as services were letting out. It was beautiful. We walked back towards the tourist district and went to the Taqueria. Yes from Church to Tequila! We went in and those in our group that drink paid 10 USD for a tour and Tequila tasting. Those that didn't drink were able to hear how Tequila is made and walk thru the exhibits. It was very interesting. We had been to Ensenada many times years ago when RCCL cruised there. It is sooooo much better now. There are still those trying to sell things, but the number is down and we saw NO beggars. Hope this helps!
  3. Any other English speaking cruisers on this trip?
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