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  1. I've always gotten the feeling that Izumi was on a different reservation system. On a recent sailing, I observed the dining crew at Chops having to pick up the phone for my Izumi reservations. For Giovanni's, he just entered the reservation on the computer before him. On another sailing, my friends and I were told to go to Izumi to book the reservations there.
  2. My friends who sailed on the Wonder last week also got it for free.
  3. Can anyone here remember how the game "If You Know It, Sing It" is played? I enjoyed it so much on the Vision, I wanted to do it for holiday parties. I only remember how the elimination round was played where the contestants gave a song with the theme/topic given by the game master. But there were two more rounds and I can't remember how they were done.
  4. They sent me new eDocs as soon as I got my (GTY) room assignment. IIRC, it was two days before sailing. As for the Royal up bid, the room number in my SetSail Pass automatically updated to the new room. My bid was accepted a few days before sailing. If anything changes, even on the day of sailing itself, they should be able to give you your room assignment when you check-in at the counters in the terminal.
  5. If they wanted to save ink, they should just have skipped the fourth column. In all my cruises with Royal, I have never gone to my assembly/waiting area at disembarkation.
  6. That’s exactly what I thought too. Can you imagine what newbie cruisers will make of this?
  7. I don’t know if they’re doing this fleet wide but on the Vision, they’ve renamed “Luggage Assistance” to “Independent.” Why, Vision? Why?
  8. Someone on the C&A FB group mentioned an email about the new gifts and amenities, supposedly including a toiletries kit. Has anyone gotten that email?
  9. It's been more than a year now since I was on the Odyssey, strict COVID protocols were still in place, things may have changed. During our sailing, there were free reservations that booked pretty quickly. Paid reservations were available. My advice is to try to book the free ones as soon as you board.
  10. I doubt that the gentleman I was having a discussion with had this information about shipyards and the construction process. He was making his argument on the basis of this infographic.
  11. I only go by how Royal classifies their ships at the present time. I’ve used their two most recent fleet guides to make the graphic on my signature. That’s why I was a bit puzzled when the guy said Grandeur and Enchantment were not Vision class. I was wondering what class he was putting them under. But our discussion did not go very far. When I showed him the fleet guide, he just said “Oh well” and walked away. By the way, it did not help my case that the barista at Cafe-Lattetudes chimed in to say that Rhapsody was their only sister ship.
  12. Can our experts here please help me out? I got into a discussion with a fellow guest on Vision. He was insisting that only Vision and Rhapsody are Vision-class ships and that Grandeur and Enchantment are not. He was saying the latter were a different class because of their size. Every recent fleet information I’ve gotten from Royal puts Grandeur and Enchantment in the Vision Class. Can someone please clarify this?
  13. It turns out the Independence guests are the ones parking at CT1. Wonder parking is elsewhere. The lady in charge said something about the garage being programmed for the Indy. I’m assuming that’s the 4-night parking fee programmed into the pay stations at the entrance.
  14. Because of the change in Wonder's departure schedule, we who are sailing on the Indy tomorrow received an email informing us that Indy will be at Terminal 6 in Port Canaveral. The email also said that "The port agents will be directing cars to Lot 1 for parking." Where is "Lot 1?" Is it by Terminal 1? I can't seem to find it in the maps that I have.
  15. I may be one of the few who loved Cats on Oasis. I watched all three (or was it four) showings from the middle of the third row. The first two rows were cordoned off as part of COVID protocols at the time. I agree that it’s a “love it or hate it” show but to say that everyone hates it would be inaccurate.
  16. That's probably for non-RFID cards. But this puzzles me. My SeaPass card from Ovation in 2019 was RFID.
  17. I had this experience too when I went to the Royal Up website from search results. I did not have this problem when I responded to an offer from Royal to submit a bid.
  18. Post-COVID, what is there to do in Atlantis without the Day Pass? I heard they closed the "free" public areas for a time. What the best way to get there without a Royal excursion?
  19. I go to the DL for my coffee, stay about 5-10 minutes. If there are chocolate covered strawberries, I stay for about an hour.
  20. The good thing about the RFID cards on Harmony is that you don't have to take them out of the sleeve, whether it be ordering at the bars, opening the room, getting on and off the ship, etc.
  21. I wish Apple did not put the magnet thingy in the back of the latest iPhones.
  22. @ElmoHongZito, I hope you're enjoying your time on the Oasis!
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