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  1. Yes Kathy, April 25th! Getting excited! ???
  2. Will have to check out the rail trails. Thanks for the info!
  3. Thank you Mary! That is good info to have! @PJquilts
  4. We are cruising on Grandeur to Bermuda in late April. We will arrive Saturday around 1:00 and depart Sunday at 2:30. My husband is training for a marathon and is wondering if there is a convenient and safe place to do a long run while there. It would have to be Saturday after 5pm or early Sunday morning before our tour. Thanks for any input!
  5. We did them ahead of time on Allure 4/8 and they worked fine for the zip line and the climbing wall. They just checked on the computer and we were good to go.
  6. We just had that exact scenario last Sunday. We decided to do the hop on hop off tour of Miami. Although it was well done and transportation and luggage issues went off without a hitch, I would not recommend it. We were exhausted by 5:00. You really need to be on the top level of the bus for a good view, but it requires being in the sun and wind all day. There was one place we found on a website called resort for a day or something similar. In retrospect I wish we had done that. There were also some hotels in the area that offered rooms that you could rent for daytime hours, but the hours were still limited for our 9:00 flight.
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