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  1. 199 days - Indy (first ever cruise)
  2. Is it actually possible to "run" around the tracks or are there too many obstacles/people about? Assume the later in the day you leave it the busier the deck would be etc? My thinking is if i do a good few laps before breakfast it would make me feel slightly less guilty about the huge breakfast i'm about to have
  3. Fingers crossed it’ll be the same then. It’s the only game I can beat the kids at..!
  4. Yes of course, that's understandable. Loved the Indy blog btw Twangster, wonderful pictures. On the dry dock refurb will the mini golf also be going do you know?
  5. It does appear a shame that its going but for me i suppose what I've never had i wont miss.
  6. Excellent - will have a proper read through when I get a few minutes. I see the nightclub is going from Indy - wasn't it that popular?
  7. Thank you twangster, that’s very helpful. Seems a little harsh not to give them the refreshment package but if that’s as per t&c’s then I can’t complain really I suppose. Yes we can’t wait, think we’re more excited than the kids to be honest! I just had a look a little look at the cruise compass for the Indy Caribbean Christmas cruises - looks like there’s so much going on! Actually you may well have provided it by looks of it - so thanks again!!
  8. Hi all. Booked our first ever cruise on Independence for this August. The deal included the full deluxe drinking package for each person. Obviously the children won’t be allowed alcohol but the invoice states that they will have a soda package rather than the next one down ie- the refreshment one. Seeing as there is no overall price difference for adults/children I find it strange that they have only been given the soda package. So I queried this with our travel agent and she says that RC have told her that refreshment packages aren’t available on my or any European cruise? Checking on my cruise planner it does give me the option to buy refreshment packages, which seems odd. Does anyone have any experience of this? Is the comment re no refreshment packages on European cruises correct? Any help/advice will be much appreciated Thanks Adam
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