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  1. Currently not changing any plans , we do not know when the C19 will go away (if ever) so for now we need to learn how to coexist with it.
  2. Thanks , I guess its sold out for the August dates , that's why its not appearing
  3. Good question, did SYO test cruise happened at all ? Can not find anything about it . What I can see is that that no ability to book it before September.
  4. No protocol was sent yet , just the survey if we are vaccinated or not . I even sent a query to check if RCL will acknowledge our Pfizer vaccine documents as our official certificate comes as a PDF. No answer yet. I think anyway RCL have not decided on the protocols yet , waiting to see the new numbers now with the delta is around. Hope for the best.
  5. I am planning to blog it , so many things need to happen for us to be able to take the cruise as we are flying over to the US , hopefully no new rules and things will improve soon everywhere. It's going to be our first B2B and we can't wait for it to start
  6. This is a cruise RCL is prohibited from cancelling ? it's our second part of the B2B
  7. With out taking any side , just from doint the math , its not really 50/50 if we look at the numbers. Lets say they found 6 people with C19 on an RCL ship , 3 are vaccinated and 3 are not . we know that the current capacity is around 30% more and less , around 1000 in the Voyager class and 2000 in the Oasis. We also know that RCL reporting at least 90 % (if not 95%) are vaccinated in there cruise . Therefore the real calculation should be : 3 people out of 100 people on the ship which are not vaccinated and found with C19 = 3 % 3 people out of 900 vaccinated people on the ship that found with the C19 = 0.3% Or after normalize the numbers its around 91% of the people that found with C19 were unvaccinated and only 9% were not.
  8. Thanks , Just did my check in for September . Good that I was not waiting for RCL email to let me know when the check in is opened ?
  9. They offered her to take second test she refused unless she can supervise the lab during the process... I guess that's actually Alo e will prevent from anyone to take her case
  10. I will not count on getting rid of the mask during September although I do hope it will happen. Just take a look with the too vaccine labs , UK and Israel who started quite early , in both the number of cases are rising including people with the vaccine (although still less comparing to non vaccine) . The good new is that until now the number of people who require to get hospital treatments are not rising with the same factor. Some claiming the antidotes are going down after half a year but nothing is certain yet. For cruise industry , if the same will happen in the US I think it means masks are here to stay for extra few month , I do hope I am wrong
  11. Sorry I missed the not there ? they do not do ,
  12. I believe they do not the deep nasal swab anymore for the PCR test (at least that's what happened to me in the three test I have done as par of my US travel a week ago) I think it will be deeper if it's a secondary test to eliminate false positive in an antigen test as someone describe in other thread.
  13. Make sure you choosed the UK RC site as only there they will show the only UK residents cruises
  14. The problem is with - "original vaccination record" as many countries just have a pdf file or a printout , this is the official one . wonder how they are going to handle it ? , Maybe they will have a book with example from all around the world ? (like some state police have a book with examples of all international driving license).
  15. Here also we only get PDF document with name , passport number, dates of shots and vaccine batch numbers. It's working well for countries which request prove of vaccination (Mostly in Europe) but could not test it entering US as the US not require it but just PCR testing (which only checked during the check in and not in the immigration). As I sea it , currently RCL is asking for prove of vaccination which issued by you government. In that case , since this is what the government issuing it should be enough. Hopefully will be able to confirm it at beginning of September during our next cruise.
  16. This is the official answer I got from RCL asking for PCR testing on board : "Please be advised that, currently, only antigen testing will be available onboard. The situation is still changing, and you may want to inquire about your options while onboard. However, we may only advise you that we are unable to do the specific testing you require onboard and we recommend that you make other arrangements for this testing in order to meet the entry requirements for your country. Thank you for your understanding." That was for Adventure , Maybe they will change it for other ceuises (from Europe ?) Anyway , just returned from the US and did my test in NYC , 48 hours results test can cost from 145 $ or even 0 in some labs . 15 minutes PCR test cost around 250$ at the airport That's why we did not took the cruise and replaced it with land tour in NYC ( highly recommend if you want to experience all the attention with zero queues ...)
  17. One thing we can be sure about , it's not the final protocols. No need to worry, it will change so many times more.
  18. JS has also a bath/shower combo on some of the ships Waiting for the upgrade is a gamble. For my5 nights on Odyssey Of the seas which was booked on a JS (and canceled) I got an offer of minimal 1900 $ PP to upgrade to 2 bedroom GS ... So it seems comparing to the TA offer it's not such a good gamble ...
  19. So many questions: What kind of vacation they got , as we know JJ is less effective. Will any port change now the protocols for visitors ? Will anyway track the people on the ship after returning home (like testing them a week after cruise) so we know the protocols really working ? The people who were tested positive attended a catamaran ride with food and snorkeling. I hope the crew is being tested also. The blogger who is on the ship (https://cruise.blog/taxonomy/term/4) was at this excursion and had to be at her room until her test results came back negative.
  20. The best indicator how this incident will impact the cruise industry is the stock price. Currently it looks fine , (even better then the indexes) . For me its a good sign.
  21. I would hope for false positive but since they are from the same cabin reduce the chance for that. Now it's all about the protocol and more important hopefully it was not spreading to other people.
  22. I think they just do not want to take the risk . The requirements in the US is for a test no later than 3 days (not 72 hours) so it dose not matter what time you took the test it matter that its in the 3 days period , so a test taken on Thursday should be good as long as you leave on Sunday Here is the quote from the CDC site "Why does the Order specify 3 days rather than 72 hours? What is considered 3 days? The 3-day period is the 3 days before the flight’s departure. The Order uses a 3-day timeframe instead of 72 hours to provide more flexibility to the traveler. By using a 3-day window, test validity does not depend on the time of the flight or the time of day that the test was administered. For example, if a passenger’s flight is at 1pm on a Friday, the passenger could board with a negative test that was taken any time on the prior Tuesday or after." https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/travelers/testing-international-air-travelers.html I do not think that RC test is working differently but always its good to be on the safe side.
  23. Thinking about it if we can get some how a PCR test on the ship , otherwise it will require us to have few days stop over in the US just for the testing (most place not testing on Sundays)
  24. I think there might be simple solution. RCL are not a Florida business therefore as I read it like that : "We can not ask you for vaccine proff at port but we can ask you during the online check in to send if you want a prof of being vaccinated. Whoever not providing us with this prof during the online check in must bring to the port a PCR testing on his on cost no matter if he is vaccinated or not as you can not show your vaccinated card in port... "
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