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  1. I was thinking about booking a coaster excursion for our upcoming stop at Labadee. It says that children under 12 must ride in the cart with an adult. It ALSO says that if you book a ticket you can take someone in your cart for free! So, should I just book a ticket to for myself and my husband.....and the kids get to go for free? We are thinking about doing the aquapark and coaster combo! So I think I will just book kids the aquapark and the adults book the aquapark/coaster combo.
  2. BUMP!! I am thinking of booking this! I would also love some feedback. Its a great price for our Brilliance stop to Nassau in February 2020!
  3. Thanks Matt!!! You are the best!! Free soda package I will have to find something else to do with that money!!! 50 minute massage it is!! LOL!!!
  4. Ok....I did a search to find this thread. New to these message boards, but LOVE the blog and podcast Matt!! I recently booked a boardwalk balcony for my family (DH and me and our 2 children). Is the EAT DRINK PLAY promotion for each Boardwalk Balcony? I was going to get just the soda package (the basic $8.50/per day plus gratuity--about $70 for our week long cruise.) in the cruise planner. It looks like that will be included for the 2 adults in our stateroom? I didn't see anything about this promotion when I booked and I didn't know if this is promotion is still valid? I am really excited
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