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  1. Just wondering if anyone has heard anymore on this we have not received our money back yet. Dear Guest, As promised, here’s an update regarding the Bermuda Travel Authorization refund from your Adventure of the Seas sailing. We have some great news to share with you! The government of Bermuda has advised it started its process to fully refund payments made for Bermuda Health Authorizations that were purchased for the June 4th, 2022 sailing on Adventure of the Seas. These refunds will be sent back to the original form of payment, and you can expect to see these reflect on your account in the coming days. Since the refund is already in motion, there’s nothing else for you to do! Please note, this will be your last update from us, since the purchase of the travel authorization was made directly with the government of Bermuda, we won’t have access to the status of your refund. We appreciate your patience as they work through this, and we can’t wait to welcome you back onboard again soon! Sincerely, Aurora Yera-Rodriguez AVP | Guest Experience Royal Caribbean
  2. The cruise director said a cruise ship don’t know which line went to Bermuda and docked and they had to leave.
  3. Thanks we have been to Bermuda 5 times already but was looking forward to it we brought another couple that has never been there was going to show them around. Next year I hope.
  4. We got a call Friday late afternoon that we were not going to Bermuda but to Canada you could cancel for a FCC or go. We had all our plans in place house sitter coming so we went. Were told we had to fill out the form for Canada or we could not board the ship well they never ask for it at check in or in Canada. Was a rainy foggy trip up and back but sunny at both ports. Some people who flew in or drove a long distance did not clothes for the colder weather and it was a cold ride up and back. We made the best of it and had a good time and decided we loved the Panoramic Suite cabin 1804 the view was great. Hope to be in Bermuda next year.
  5. Me too was on the June 4th cruise they told us we needed to fill it out before we got on the ship they never ask for it at check in or in Canada.
  6. Now my friend go an email about filling a form to get into Canada I got no such email what the heck is going on?
  7. Well surprise surprise just got a call from Royal saying weather is preventing us from sailing to Bermuda tomorrow and instead we are going to Canada.
  8. Well just got a call from Royal saying because of impending weather we are not going to Bermuda but to Canada instead. I did not think Canada was taking cruise ships yet. Wonder what happens with the 80.00 dollars we paid to Bermuda to enter the Country. Oh well will be on a cruise ship for the first time since 2018 so roll with the punches.
  9. Not really not much you can do about it anyway. All the times we have been to Bermuda have had pretty good luck. Have gotten soak and wet on a walking tour of St George one time but sun came out and we dried off fast.
  10. We got our Covid test test done this morning Bermuda here we come. First cruise since 2018 I am ready to go. Cost 60.00 at the local Pharmacy in and out in around 30 minutes.
  11. Leaving on Saturday and still getting offers.
  12. MPORTANT NOTES A Negative COVID Test is REQUIRED to board the ship. Please have your test in hand along with your Vaccine Certificate. As of May 21 you are NO LONGER required to UPLOAD your Pre-Test result - You just have to have it AVAILABLE TO SHOW during Check In along with this Authorization. What is an accepted Test? Supervised ANTIGEN up to 2 days before embarkation OR COVID-19 NAAT test (PCR, LAMP or TMA) up to 4 days before embarkation. I understand that I will not be allowed to disembark in Bermuda if: I test positive for COVID -19 after embarkation OR I do not have a negative COVID-19 test results in accordance with the test requirements set out by Bermuda at https://www.gov.bm/cruise-travel-authorisation.
  13. The couple we are going with got an email from Bermuda saying we don't have to D/L our neg covid test to them. I did not get any email saying such anyone else going soon get any email like that. It used to be easy to cruise.
  14. Yes would be nice leaving for cruise to Bermuda very soon
  15. Let me know how it goes we are Going June 4th
  16. I filled out the first part of the information have to wait till we get out covid test two days before. After I upload that information how will RCL know I did that when we check in at the terminal?
  17. Bermuda is really nice think this will be our last time to visit there will be our 6th time going to show some friends around the island.
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