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  1. Don't know of anywhere but Sabor, sorry.
  2. Don't know where that's from but as mentioned above, they are free and there are thousands of them, but they have standard umbrellas, not like the ones pictured above.
  3. The real question is... can you have a "Park Cafe" on ships with no park?
  4. I'm not sure; I'm a big ship kinda guy. I'm sure someone else can chime in. My guess would be it will have most of the menu, just maybe missing a couple items if it's a smaller venue or something. The kummelweck was actually served in the WJ on Indy this summer since there's no Park Cafe so I'm sure that will be there.
  5. Your guess is correct based on reading multiple reports of it. People also seem to feel the new supplier is inferior to the old one and that's contributing to the delay.
  6. You can ask to move your GTY once it is officially assigned but other than doing that and hopefully being able to match it with the newly booked cabin, I don't see any way you can do it. FWIW, we moved cabins during a 3 and 4-night B2B in July and it wasn't a big deal. Everything will be moved to your new cabin by your stateroom attendant. Anything you hang up in your closet will be moved on the hangers and hung in your next closet. You just have to toss everything else in your suitcases which will also be moved for you.
  7. When they actually have them on the ship... which hasn't been the norm since startup although they seem to finally be making some progress.
  8. It should be one block per household but you can always ask the LA on your next cruise. When a couple has equal points they don't get 2.
  9. I didn't even get my form on that 5/29 Harmony cruise. Wasn't even thinking about the block. I called after we got back, was told 3-4 months to ship, and it did arrive in 3 months. Some people are now receiving them onboard certain ships. It seems that the company is catching up on certain ships while others are taking much longer. As long as you get it eventually...
  10. The ship should be whichever ship you were on when you hit 140. If I'm understanding that you have exactly 140, call C&A and ask them to ship your block from whatever ship you were on last. Just be aware, there is quite a backlog due to RC switching companies that produce the blocks during the shutdown. It took me 3 months to get my Harmony block from my 5/29 sailing and some people have been waiting MUCH MUCH longer for other ships.
  11. Technically, no, you will always have a different amount of points (unless she sails alone and catches up)... but when you each login to your individual accounts, you will both see the same higher number. If you call C&A, they will tell you the actual number. To make it clearer, I married into Emerald b/c my wife cruised as a kid and my first ever cruise was our honeymoon. She should have a bunch more points than me. Unsurprisingly, RC screwed something up and I have more points than I should. Does any of this matter? Not really, especially when sailing together, but I figured I'd give as full of an answer as I could. I only know all this b/c I called about passing 140 pts to have our first crystal block shipped and learned I was just below 140 but my wife had 150 so technically it's her block.
  12. I enjoy the small seating area on Oasis class behind the Aqua Theater by the running track very early in the morning. Used to get some coffee from the DL and danish from Cafe Promenade and watch the wake of the ship in the early AM while my wife was running. Unfortunately the post-covid protocol seems to be to not prep the coffee machine until 7am. The DL concierge on Indy in July told me people were breaking the machine overnight when the DL was unattended so corporate told them not to leave it on overnight anymore. This didn't really make sense to me since the DL is is left unattended most of the day but the machine is on. Oh well.
  13. Big fan of the breakfast sandwich there when made with a slightly runny egg. The Park Cafe McMuffin! Great venue in general & one of the things I miss most when not sailing Oasis class.
  14. If you still have a cheap/free one 5 minutes away, don't blame you!
  15. We print them. Always found it easier to have set sail pass on paper tucked inside my passport. If you only want to use your phone, screen shot your set sail pass so you don't have to worry about loading the app via cellular/wifi and whatnot, can just have the screen shot loaded. Can also add them to your Apple wallet if an iPhone user.
  16. I can imagine. I had read of a few bad experiences with OnPoint, that's one of the reasons I went with RT&T. I hope all goes smoothly so you can focus on having a great cruise!
  17. Understood, almost mentioned that, but it really shouldn't be an issue.
  18. I don't think you have much to worry about. Storms of this magnitude (and stronger) have come straight over my area before and the damage/effects are usually superficial and taken care of in a few days. If it were a stronger hurricane it would be different.
  19. This is a standard e-mail sent in an attempt to prevent people from arriving much earlier than their assigned arrival time. Some ports enforce arrival times, some ignore them and just let people through.
  20. ME: Since you eliminated the cookies, I enjoy the raisin bread (toasted) for breakfast. Never even considered it until I saw it mentioned by a ton of people online. Crepe station in WJ with your choice of filling and whipped cream is one dessert that comes to mind. Desserts are actually my least favorite thing onboard... and this is coming from a guy who gains 10+ lbs. per 7 night cruise, lol, so I'm not complaining. I wind up trying a bunch of stuff and something is usually good though. And of course there are always the cookies. WIFE: Mississippi Mudpie in the MDR if by far her favorite. We don't eat in the MDR much and last cruise on Indy in July, she went down there during late seating and asked if they could get her a couple slices to go. 5 mins later she walked out with a covered plate. Very accommodating as usual. She also loves the chocolate croissants served for breakfast (sometimes square but basically the same thing) when they have them. P.S. True #1 answer for both of us is the funnel cake on Cococay.
  21. I'd prefer deck 9 for reasons similar to Patty's. I like to be in in the middle, between Central Park and the higher decks as I try to take to the stairs whenever possible.
  22. The WJ bar should be open. I've also gotten bottled water at Cafe Promenade on disembarkation morning.
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