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  1. Just got off Indy this morning. WJ not very crowded on day one provided you have early boarding and get there when it opens at 11:30 (was actually more like 11:15 on Monday). Definitely gets crowded after that. 3rd "day one" on Indy since July and I enjoy being one of the first to scoop the seafood off the top of the paella that's always there.
  2. I meant in general on disembarkation morning. See my above answer. WJ bar should be open & you can order drinks in the MDR. YMMV. I have seen both successful & unsuccessful reports.
  3. As mentioned, you're actually nowhere near Orlando. Kennedy Space Center is an option.
  4. What else can you use them for in general or at Cafe Promenade? You may or may not be able to get a mimosa or bloody mary from the WJ bar or MDR. Fresh squeezed OJ, bottled water.
  5. There are tons of chairs and umbrellas everywhere. If you have a particular spot you want (probably not on your 1st visit since the remodel) you may want to get off the ship asap (that's what we do) but you will have no problem finding chairs in general. How many and which ships are there also impacts how crowded it is, of course. I was there twice in July with Indy and Freedom in port and it wasn't that bad. That said, looking forward to Thursday when Indy (my ship) will be the only one there.
  6. Agreed. Go to the MDR sometime early on day one & ask if any are available if you don’t have one.
  7. Handmade tortillas are such a small but great touch. To the OP, if you look at the map, the buffets are at Chill Grill & Skipper’s Grill, identical venues. They also have some sandwiches, hot dogs, burgers, salad, etc, but I’m too busy with the tacos. One dessert hack there… take 2 chocolate chip cookies to the soft serve machine for an ice cream sandwich (then try to eat it before it melts).
  8. They are… just don’t forget the funnel cake for dessert! (Same place as the chicken sandwiches, Snack Shacks).
  9. No, those are considered interior cabins even though they have windows b/c they face inside the ship. You will almost certainly get a window facing the ocean.
  10. Normally it would, but you know what I'm talking about. I ran into Publix yesterday morning in shorts and a t-shirt... I saw winter coats!
  11. What's scary is I'm not sure if that's sarcasm or not based on how native Floridians react to weather approaching 70, let alone cooler. I was born and raised outside Philly and can't wait for it to finally cool down, even after living here for 22 years.
  12. We knocked on the DL door in July and the guest who opened the door actually asked to see our set sail passes, lol. I guess he deputized himself as the DL police.
  13. I've only had some fancy iced coffee drink there on disembarkation morning to use up my D vouchers but they now use Starbucks coffee to make their drinks if that has any influence. My SIL gets the coffee card (even though she's D and can just get free specialty coffee from the DL like I do) and seems to like it.
  14. FWIW, a week or so ago, Giovanni's went up a few dollars for my Indy cruise next week. Not sure if Chops increased.
  15. Twice as strong as a half city roast?
  16. And not as lazy as me. I'm closer than you to all of them and I won't drive anywhere except PC because the one hour is so damn convenient. I'd consider Tampa if they could handle larger ships. No way in hell am I driving to FLL or MIA. More power to ya!
  17. Fancy! I almost bought Folgers but Maxwell House was cheaper. I'll take one!
  18. No, it's a thing. Never happened to me but I have read several times on the forums that when the machine was broken, Diamond members were given free specialty coffee at Cafe Promenade (as an example). Not exactly sure how it works.
  19. When it's not, you should be offered complimentary specialty coffee from another venue.
  20. You do not receive a crystal block for reaching Diamond. You get your first crystal block at 140 points and then one every 70 points thereafter. You get a Diamond pin, a letter, and that might be it.
  21. Any time on Friday, even 12:01am.
  22. You'll be fine, the 6 month thing is just a recommendation. Don't worry about it. You don't even need a passport at all if you are leaving and returning to the same US port. You can sail with a DL and official birth certificate.
  23. That means you don't have an assignment yet. Occasionally, you don't have one at check-in, even with the barcode trick. Just keep checking. One tip off is that when you see a muster station, that means the barcode trick should give you your cabin assignment. The "GTY" after the dash will eventually change to your cabin #.
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