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  1. Does anyone have any insight to whether there will be changes to Ovation when it moves to Alaska next summer (2019). We are booked for June 14-21 and have been on Anthem, just wondered if they will have Broadway/West End type Broadway show, etc. It does not appear to have this type of entertainment now. I understand there is a NOODLE place instead of Johnny Rockets? Any other differences that folks are aware of.
  2. This past June (2017) we flew out of KC to Seattle on Alaska Airlines for an Alaska cruise! It was a direct flight, when we got to the airport NO LUGGAGE. The plane was overweight and they pulled a bunch of luggage. Fortunately, it was the day before, as we did not get our luggage delivered to the hotel until 11pm that night, our flight arrived at 10am PST, so we were without luggage for in excess of 12 hours, can't imagine how upset I would have been if our ship left our arrival day.
  3. Thanks so much, glad he is wonderful! Looking so forward to our trip, we leave on Friday 6/9/2017.
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