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  1. You are correct in saying they both are generally the same but the UK letter does not state the Inaugural has changed to the 7th April and yes, I agree it says they will be no change fees. I’m sure one standard letter with all the facts would have been easier!
  2. Thanks Sailor_to_Cruiser, I knew the blog would give me the answer! We had the same problem with Harmony, booking the Inaugural from Southampton to Barcelona then two extra cruises were added so we rebooked on them only to discover that the Inaugural was still the sailing to Barcelona. We didn’t want the same thing to happen this time but it looks like we have been duped again as I don’t think I can change the travel arrangements to another date. Interestingly the letter you posted is worded differently from the UK version as that implied that all three extra sailings are “dress rehearsals “ hence my original question. Happy Cruising.
  3. Has it been confirmed what sailing will be the official Inaugural? I called RCI and the operator I spoke to didn’t give me a straight answer, even after supposedly checking with a superior!
  4. 21st December 2013 Independence of the Seas B2B 23rd November 2014 Inagural cruise on Quantum of the Seas
  5. Hi, We live in the Shetland Islands, Scotland and started cruising with RCI on the Freedom in 2009, we were married on the beach at Ocho Rios during the cruise. Since then we have been on the Navigator, Mariner, Brilliance and Allure (100th voyage) with cruises booked on the Independence and the inaugural cruise on the Allure. Love all things RCI.
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