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The most Instagramable places on Wonder of the Seas

18 Mar 2022
Jenna DeLaurentis

The largest cruise ship in the world offers plenty of picture taking opportunities. From pictures of the ocean at sunset to selfies with astronauts, there are an abundance of places to capture your vacation memories on Wonder of the Seas.

Whether you are looking for a classic cruise shot of the ship’s aft or one that showcases the impressive design and architecture of Wonder of the Seas, you will have no trouble taking excellent photos onboard.

Get your camera ready and discover the most instagramable places on Wonder of the Seas. 

(Warning: these are guaranteed to make everyone at home jealous!)

Astronaut on the pool deck

There are three astronauts found on Wonder of the Seas, which are scattered throughout the ship. Finding the astronauts can be a fun scavenger hunt activity for guests onboard, and it also provides a perfect photo opportunity!

The most accessible astronaut for photos is found at the pool deck's movie screen viewing area, where an astronaut is sitting and watching the pool deck's jumbo television.

Taking a photo with the astronaut is a fun vacation memory, and it's a lot easier to get a picture with the pool deck astronaut than the one climbing the rock climbing wall!

Location: between decks 15 and 16, midship

Butterfly wings on the sports deck

A butterfly wing mural is a classic Instagram shot, with street art painted in the shape of wings and a space in the middle for someone to stand.

Royal Caribbean recognized this photo trend and added a butterfly wing mural to Wonder of the Seas. When walking from the upper pool deck to the Sports Court on deck 16, you’ll run into the butterfly wings on the wall. You may have to move a few chairs around to get the best picture possible.

Location: deck 16, aft & starboard

Central Park at night

While Central Park is a peaceful oasis on Wonder of the Seas no matter the time of day, its beauty really shines through once the sun goes down.

At night, Central Park is lit with lights of all colors. From gold twinkle lights on the shrubs to blue light shining from the Royal Promenade, it’s certainly one of the most picturesque places onboard.

The best photo taking opportunity at Central Park is before you go to dinner on a formal night, when you’ll be dressed in your best clothes and ready to capture a memory on camera.

Location: deck 8, midship

The Vue bar at sunset

The Vue is one of the new bars on Wonder of the Seas and is perhaps the most instagramable of all bars onboard.

The Vue extends over the side of the ship to offer fantastic ocean views. The best time to take a photo at The Vue is during sunset, where not only the sky lights up, but also the mosaic canopy over the bar.

Location: deck 15, forward

Swing at The Mason Jar Bar

Another new bar on Wonder of the Seas is at The Mason Jar. The Mason Jar Bar was designed with comfort in mind. Rocking chairs and padded seating dot the bar, offering a comfy place to relax while tasting the bar’s signature cocktails and listening to the live country band.

Located in the bar is a large swing covered with pillows in front of a row of flowers. While not a stereotypical cruise photo showing the ship or ocean, the swing offers a cute spot for friends, couples, and families looking for a group photo.

Location: deck 15, aft

Pool deck photo overlooking Central Park

Oasis Class cruise ships have a split pool deck where you can look into the Central Park neighborhood below. 

If you walk on the upper pool deck on deck 16 near The Lime and Coconut Bar, you'll reach a fantastic view of the pool deck with the park below you. This is a classic instagramable spot on any Oasis Class ship, and it really puts into perspective just how big the Oasis Class truly is.

Pro tip: use a wide angle lens or selfie stick in this area to ensure you capture the entire pool area in your photo.

Location: deck 16, midship

Views of the ship’s wake

A classic cruise photo is standing at the back of the ship with a view of the ship's wake. There are a few places to take this photo on Wonder of the Seas.

The best spot to take this picture is from the back of the jogging track on deck 5. As the jogging track reaches the back of the ship, it opens up to an expansive view of the ocean, offering close-up views of Wonder of the Seas moving through the sea.

Another top location for a photo of the ship's wake is from the back of the sports deck. While further away from the water than the running track, this area offers more angles for your photos.

The back of the sports deck or running track can also be good spots to take photos during sailaway or while Wonder of the Seas is in port.

Outside the spa overlooking the Royal Promenade

Right near the entrance to the Vitality Spa & Fitness Center on Wonder of the Seas is a scenic overlook of the Royal Promenade. This spot gives a full view down the entire Promenade, offering a great location to take photos of the ship.

Whether you want to take a selfie, pose for a photo, or take a picture of the Promenade itself, this is one of the best places to do so on Wonder of the Seas.

Location: deck 6, forward

Solarium bridge wings

One of the hidden secrets on Wonder of the Seas are the Solarium bridge wings. Located all the way forward in the adults-only Solarium are two platforms that extend over the side of the ship.

This area is usually not very crowded and offers unobstructed views of the ship's exterior and ocean. This area does tend to get extremely windy, though, so keep that in mind for your photo session!

The bridge wings provide an even better photo opportunity when you are sailing into or out of port, offering the chance to capture pictures of the beautiful destinations Wonder of the Seas visits.

Location: deck 15, forward

Looking for more instagramable places on Wonder of the Seas? Check out our full ship tour to discover more of the ship

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Jenna DeLaurentis enjoys exploring new ports of call around the world on a cruise ship, learning about new cultures, discovering beautiful landscapes, and trying diverse cuisine. She loves to get active while at port, whether cycling through mountains in the Caribbean or scuba diving under the sea.

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