Friday Photos - April 19, 2019

Matt Hochberg

We love any opportunity to take a virtual escape on a Royal Caribbean cruise, and that is why every Friday we share our readers' favorite Royal Caribbean cruise photos. It is a showcase of cruising fun, and you are invited!

Without further ado, we present this week's edition of Friday Photos. Enjoy!

Our first photo is by John Marmet of Adventure of the Seas, as seen from CocoCay.

Lendy Collins snapped this photo of sunset over Havana as her Empress of the Seas ship departed the city.

Here is a look at the sunset over Florida, as seen by Henry Greenfield.

You can see Adventure of the Seas in the distance from atop Cadillac Mt. in Acadia National Park. Photo by John Estok.

Bonnie was able to capture a rainbow from a waterfall in Geraingerfijord

Marc Linsey shared this photo from Oasis of the Seas.

Our final photo this week is by Ken Janson, and it is from the FlowRider on Ovation of the Seas.

Thank you to everyone who shared their photos this week, and we invite everyone to send in their favorite Royal Caribbean photos by using this form.