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Deck by deck drydock changes to Royal Caribbean's Liberty of the Seas


Royal Caribbean's Liberty of the Seas just began her refurbishment this week and that means a lot of changes are coming to the ship.  

After receving lots of questions related to how where the changes are onboard the ship, we've compiled a list of the changes coming visually. Note that some stateroom categories may have changed, but we were looking for significant changes to the ship.

Deck 2

  • 3 staterooms removed (2405, 2403, 2401)

Deck 3

  • Catacombs night club replaced with new interior staterooms
  • Added interior staterooms near Art Gallery
  • Bernini and Velasquez lounges replaced with staterooms
  • Rembrandt Dining Room renamed Main Dining Room

Deck 4

  • Catacombs night club replaced by Sabor Modern Mexican
  • Michaelangelo Dining Room renamed Main Dining Room

Deck 5

  • The Sphynx has been renamed Star Lounge
  • Champagne Bar has been replaced by R-Bar
  • Botticelli Dining Room has been renamed the Main Dining Room

Deck 6

  • Added new interior stateroom (6137)

Deck 7

  • Added new interior stateroom (7139)
  • Replaced Library with new interior staterooms (7441, 7443, 7445, 7447)

Deck 8

  • No significant changes

Deck 9

  • Added new interior stateroom (9237)

Deck 10

  • Library and Card Room added
  • Concierge Club removed

Deck 11

  • H2O Zone replaced by Splashaway Bay
  • Portofino replaced with Giovanni's Table

Deck 12

  • Addition of Panoramic Oceanview Staterooms
  • Addition of inside staterooms

Deck 13

  • Endeavor Dunes and Golf Simulator replaced with Perfect Storm (Cyclone & Typhoon) water slide
  • Wipe Out! replaced with Tidal Wave water slide

Deck 14

  • Cloud Nine and Seven Hearts rooms replaced with Suite Lounge

Deck 15

  • No significant changes