19 beautiful Majesty of the Seas photos


Royal Caribbean announced yesterday it will keep its oldest ship in the fleet, Majesty of the Seas, around for a little bit longer and also announced a slew of upgrades to the ship.

With all this attention, it got us thinking it is time to show a little love to Majesty of the Seas, so we dug around the Internet for the best photos we could find of Majesty of the Seas. Enjoy!

1. Majesty of the Seas by Royal Caribbean

Photo by photojourney57

2. Majesty of the Seas

Photo by boysoccer3

3. Majesty of the Seas

Photo by André Velho Cabral

4. Majesty of the Seas Pool

Photo by Amy Cicconi

5. Her Majesty

Photo by Jonathon VanHamlin

6. Majesty of the Seas, Key West, Florida

Photo by Keith Turrill

7. Majesty of the Seas anchored at Coco Cay

Photo by Pierre Baillargeon

8. Majesty of the Seas - Nassau

Photo by abaynoash

9. Majesty of the Seas

Photo by Juan Garcia

10. Royal Caribbean's Majesty of the Seas

Photo by Dennis

11. Majesty of the Seas

Photo by Juan Garcia

12. IMG_1380

Photo by Marcelo Albuquerque

13. Majesty of the Seas

Photo by Antonio Little

14. Royal Caribbean Monarch and Majesty of the Seas

Photo by Scott Ladewig

15. What a view

Photo by Matt Absolon

16. Majesty of the Seas in Nassau, Bahamas

Photo by Vishal Duggal

17. Port of Nassau at night

Photo by zedkay

18. IMG_1499

Photo by Marcelo Albuquerque

19. Gran Turk

Photo by Elite Cruiser.

Which photo is your favorite? Tell us or share your own photo in the comments below!