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Royal Caribbean CEO "frustrated" by United States government shutdown


Royal Caribbean CEO Adam Goldstein appeared on CNBC and discussed his disappointment with the United States' government shutdown and its impact on Royal Caribbean's business.

Goldstein commented on how the government shutdown has affected Royal Caribbean, "We are receiving most of the services that we need, particularly from the United States Coast Guard and Customs & Border Protection. But as you mentioned, when it comes to bringing our customers to national parks such as Acadia up in Maine, we are not able to do that and it's very frustrating for us and for our guests."

When asked if it was financially better for Royal Caribbean to keep guests onboard their ships or allow them to go on excursions, Goldstein responded, "It's not a money making proposition to disappoint your customers. They bought these vacations a long time ago with high expectations. They want to see these national parks.  We're not going to improve our situation by being a part of their frustration."