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10 Classic Royal Caribbean Commercials


It doesn't take much to convince Royal Caribbean fans to book another Royal Caribbean cruise.  And even though we've been on our fair share of cruises, who among us doesn't stop channel surfing immediately when they see a Royal Caribbean commercial come on?  So here's our list of 10 fun, entertaining and down right interesting Royal Caribbean commercials.

1. Teenage Girl / Lust For Life

This commercial always amused us for two reasons.  First, if you're a parent that has a teenage daughter or ever had a teenage daughter, then you can appreciate this commercial.  Second, it uses the Iggy Pop song "Lust For Life" that was a popular commercial theme for Royal Caribbean during this period of time.

2. 1988 TV commercial

Going way back, this commercial from 1988 features hair styles of the time (for better or worse), the old uniforms of the day, and of course ships no longer in Royal Caribbean's fleet. 

3. Super Bowl XLV Commercial

Back in 2011, Royal Caribbean decided to splurge and do a commercial that would air during the Super Bowl.  It played off the fact it's the winter and most people in the country were ready for a break from the cold and had the classic song "It's Winter again" by Hal Kemp.  Smart strategy, but then again I'm ready for a Royal Caribbean cruise any time of the year!

4. Couples Commercial

This commercial from 2007 brings back the "Lust for life" song but this time, we've got couples telling stories from their Royal Caribbean cruise.  I think the two women in the beginning have the funniest one.

5. Royal Caribbean UK Commercial

It's always fun to look at commercials that air in other markets and this Royal Caribbean commercial from January 2013 is from the United Kingdom and features the music of Romans called, "Let's Get It On (Royal Remix)".

6. Penguins on the Bridge

When Royal Caribbean signed their deal with Dreamworks to bring Dreamworks characters aboard their ships, it was a big deal and this teaser ad uses the penguins from Madagascar to get people excited for it.

7. Too much relaxing (UK)

Here's another commercial from the United Kingdom and this commercial reminds people that you can spend a lot of time relaxing as well as doing plenty of activities.  Plus there's the British accent to enjoy.

8. Shellphone. The sea is calling

The sea is calling ads was a big marketing push recently and this is one of the longer ones, where New Yorkers ran across sea shells that reminded them to take a cruise. 

9. Brazil

Here's another international commercial.  Frankly, I don't know what they're saying, but the music is nice and it convinced me!

10. Designed for WOW

The latest batch of Royal Caribbean commercials feature the Flo Rida song "Good Feeling".  It's catchy and the perfect song to hum while you book your cruise.