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Brazilian city petitions Royal Caribbean to send ships


On Wednesday morning, representatives from Royal Caribbean met with officials from the Brazilian state of Alagoas to discuss a possible cruise terminal in the state capital.

The visit aimed to examine the possibility of sending Royal Caribbean ships to Alagoas, and consider the application of investment for building a passenger terminal.

According to Danielle Novis, Secretary of State for Tourism, Royal Caribbean does work with the authorities, public and private, to promote the port infrastructure for the development of tourism in several states.

Also according to Danielle Novis, other visits will be scheduled. "Royal Caribbean is one of the largest cruise ship in the world, Brazil has two operating cruises in the Northeast and only Savior receives this demand. Our goal is to create a route to enter and exit through the Northeast, so we will continue growing the state, "says Danielle.

In August, representatives from Royal Caribbean and the Secretaries of Tourism will hold a tour of the Northeast at all ports of the region to expand the route of the cruise company's northeastern coast.

During the visit, were present: Secretary of State for Tourism, Danielle Novis, Municipal Tourism Secretary of Maceio, Cláudia Pessoa, superintendent of Investment Setur-AL, Mark Pradines, representatives from the Port of Miami, Domitius Silva and Roberto Leoni, and director and product manager of port operations for Royal Caribbean, Diego Dantas and vice president of Royal Caribbean, John Tercek.