Ukranian government ready to transfer ports to Royal Caribbean


The Ukrainian government intends to transfer access to the ports of Sevastopol and Yalta to Royal Caribbean in an agreement that was reached. This was announced today at a press conference bythe first deputy chairman of the city administration Sergey Savenko.

According to Savenko, "This company is willing to invest 250 million dollars in the infrastructure to handle the large cruise liners, in the construction of hotels, restaurants, in the reconstruction of quay walls, such as passenger ships require long piers not less than 300 meters."

Sergey Savenkov also noted that "we consider the more expensive option of building a new wharf at Cape Crystal." In the meantime, he says, "the main task for us - removal of the base repair of ships from the South Bay away from the center, most likely in the area of ​​Inkerman, and a marina prepare for the reception worthy of yachts and ships."

As the head of the Sevastopol Sea Trade Port Sergei Tarakanov, "now active negotiations with the investor and the only obstacle to the imperfection of the Ukrainian legislation." "The government is preparing a decree according to which the Yalta and Sevastopol port may be conceded," - said Tarakanov. According to him, "in the next six months, the issue is resolved. I'm sure - this is one of the good lines, just because no one will give money. Investor needs to know what to pay."

Administration of the seaport of Sevastopol is also considering converting to receive large cruise ships dock, however that is currently on loan at the Russian Black Sea Fleet.

Splendour of the Seas debuts in Alagoas, Brazil


Royal Caribbean's Splendour of the Seas arrived on Wednesday for the first time in Maceió, Alagoas, Brazil to begin cruises in the area.

A note from the Secretary of State for Tourism, Danielle Holder Novis, says that the arrival of the Royal Caribbean ship was "an achievement of the State Secretary of Tourism of Alagoas and the Municipal Tourism Promotion of Macedonia, who articulated the process."

The 2011/2012 cruise season is the largest that took place in Brazil and according to the Brazilian Association of Maritime Cruises (Abremar), Maceió will receive a visit from nine ships in 37 occasions, totaling over 100,000 cruisers in the capital of Alagoas.

Royal Caribbean planning to make 69 stops in Portugal this year


Royal Caribbean plans to make 69 stops in Portugal this year, of which 34 are in Lisbon, 24 and 11 in Ponta Delgada, Royal Caribbean Director Francisco Teixeira said this morning on board the Independence of the Seas, the ship that most often visited the capital of Portugal in 2012.

Royal Caribbean will bring a fleet of five ships to Lisbon, with the vast majority being the aforementioned Independence of the Seas, with 25 stops, then it is the Vision of the Seas on five occasions, the revitalized Splendour of the Seas, Brilliance and on two dates and Grandeur of the Seas, which will come once every to Lisbon.

In total, Francisco Teixeira says Royal Caribbean will move about 200,000 tourists through Portugal.

Royal Caribbean sends actors to New York subway to promote cruises


Earlier this month Royal Caribbean launched a promotional campaign in New York's S-line subway, where they decorated the subway cars with Royal Caribbean prints to make it look like a ship.  Today, Royal Caribbean has sent a number of actors to ride the subway line and personalize the promotion.

Photo by Ellen Wilson

Photo by Ellen Wilson

The surfers with the sea shells to their heads are promoting the "Sea is Calling" advertising campaign.  But Royal Caribbean is having a little fun too with some people portraying characters from the Broadway play "Hairspray" that is shown on Oasis of the Seas.

Photo by Claire Tucker

And if that wasn't enough, these Royal Caribbean people are also offering "surf lessons" inside the subway cars.  Only in New York, right?

Royal Caribbean ships win awards from cruise fans


One of the largest cruise fan websites, CruiseCritic, has released the results of the 2012 Cruisers' Choice Awards and Royal Caribbean has walked away with a number of prizes for its ships.

Among large cruise ships, Royal Caribbean was nominated in many categories and won the following categories:

  • Best For Dining: Serenade of the Seas
  • Best for Embarkation: Allure of the Seas
  • Best for Entertainment: Oasis of the Seas
  • Best for Families: Allure of the Seas
  • Best for Fitness: Freedom of the Seas
  • Best for Service: Serenade of the Seas

Cruise passenger evacuated from Jewel of the Seas


United States Coast Guard reported that a 75 year old cruise passenger had to be evacuated by sea from Royal Caribbean's Jewel of the Seas after he fainted.

The Coast Guard was called at 6:12pm and a 45-foot vessel was sent to take the man and his family to Medical Center of Trinity in Tampa, Florida. The cruise passenger had an irregular heartbeat after he fainted and it was determined by the ship's doctor that the best course of action was to get him off the ship.

Royal Caribbean travel agents help downplay Concordia disaster


The Costa Concorida disaster has been a hot topic since it happened and there's been a lot of speculation that its lead consumers to cancel their trips out of fear of a similar incident.  But Royal Caribbean thinks its customers recognize the unique nature of this incident.

Royal Caribbean's Senior Vice President of Sales, Vicki Freed, says that Royal Caribbean hasn't seen an increase in cancellations overall, "That’s in big part because the consumer understands this was a very unusual situation, and, if the client has any hesitation, I think the travel professional has a done a great job of reaffirming to them that it’s still fine to take a cruise vacation.”

“There is definitely a value to have the travel agent [during any crisis situation], because the travel agent is the neutral third party,” said Freed. “As trusted advisors, they will give it [the real story] straight to the client because they look at the client for the long term.” She says because agents have no vested interest in the cruise lines, they also can be objective.

In other words, clients trust the agents, and for the agency, keeping clients happy is the most important thing. 

Royal Caribbean complying with new cruise industry passenger safety requirement


The CLIA, Passenger Shipping Assocation and the European Cruise Council announced a new muster policy effective immediately that requires mandatory muster drills be held for new passengers before the cruise ship departs from port and Royal Caribbean is onboard.

Royal Caribbean had emailed past and prospective passengers to inform them of the new rules, a message delivered by Royal Caribbean's president Adam Goldstein.

At Royal Caribbean International, the safety and security of our guests and crew is our highest priority,” wrote Goldstein in his letter to members of the line’s Crown & Anchor Society." 

Our maritime safety record over our 42-year history illustrates our commitment to the safety of the millions of guests and crew that sail on our ships. The measures we take in the interest of safety are many, often exceeding the regulatory requirements.”

Royal Caribbean had announced earlier this month that it was partnering with Resolve Maritime Academy to help train its staff further its staff.  Beginning the second quarter of 2012, the training will be offered to personnel at Royal Caribbean.  The trainings will take place at Resolve's new Simulation Training Center in Fort Lauderdale.

Cruise vacations a way for couples to be more romantic, according to survey


Looking for a way to find that spark in your relationship?  Royal Caribbean's recent survey says a cruise vacation is the best way to heat up the romance in your relationship.

In a recent survey that Royal Caribbean commissioned, 90% of Americans said sex was their top activity when they go on a cruise.  In addition, 84% of those that responded said a cruise vacation was the most romantic type of vacation while offering a better value for their dollar.

Four out of five people who took the survey said that a cruise with their partner is more romantic than a land-based vacation and 98% prefer an exotic cruise as a special way to celebrate a special moment or occasion.

Some other survey details

  • The vast majority of survey respondents say they left their last cruise feeling more “connected” with their partner (80%), being more in love with their partner (67%) and feeling more attracted to their partner (65%). 
  • Nearly three-quarters of respondents say that spending time with their significant other on their most recent cruise improved their relationship.
  • Respondents indicated that they are more likely to enjoy a number of romantic activities on a cruise than on a land-based vacation, including watching the sunset (72%), strolling in the moonlight (58%), stargazing (56%) and sharing a romantic dinner à deux (55%).
  • Half of the respondents say they are more likely to be intimate on a cruise than on a land-based vacation. And not only is sex more frequent on a cruise vacation, but many (62%) report that the sex on their last cruise was better than normal. Perhaps not surprisingly, night time is the right time, or most popular time of day to be amorous on a cruise (31%), while 28% prefer any time of day – morning, noon or night.
  • 24% cite their balcony as the place onboard where they would most like to be intimate – other than their stateroom, of course, and 58% are more likely to pack lingerie or sexy underwear for a cruise than a land-based vacation. For an astounding 90%, sex ranks as the top activity on their cruise itinerary, ahead of sitting by the pool (84%), enjoying nightlife options (83%) and shopping (70%).

Royal Caribbean is trying to take advantage of the survey results and offer the public a free romance package(roses, chocolate covered strawberries and sparkling wine) for those that book a cruise to Bermuda or Europe by February 29.

This survey was conducted online between Jan. 27th and Feb. 1st, 2012, among a national probability sample of 1,000 adults 18 years of age or older who live in the continental United States. Half the sample was respondents who have previously taken a cruise, and the other half was respondents who have not taken a cruise but are interested in taking a future cruise. All respondents indicated that they are currently in a relationship (either married or dating).

Royal Caribbean's use of iPads highlighted in Information Week


Royal Caribbean introduced iPads in every stateroom aboard Splendour of the Seas last year and it's got the IT world talking.  Royal Caribbean was mentioned in Information Week magazine as utilizing tablet computing for business.

One use for tablets is for companies to put them in the hands of their customers, which is what Royal Caribbean is doing on its most recently remodeled cruise ship. Here we're not talking about creating a tablet app for customers, but actually giving them a device to use. A related customer use is encouraging tablet use while they're at your venue, whether it's a resort, baseball game, restaurant, or retail store.

Royal Caribbean this month will put iPads in every stateroom of its revitalized Splendour of the Seas cruise ship. Guests can check daily activities on the ship, book shore excursions, and receive personalized promotions from Royal Caribbean, based on analytics the company runs in real time during a cruise. Royal Caribbean has used interactive TVs to provide that kind of information, but iPads are a more intuitive and enjoyable way for guests to receive it, says CIO Bill Martin.