99 days of Quantum: North Star


Royal Caribbean is counting down the days until its brand new Quantum of the Seas debuts and as of today, there are 99 days until that happens, so for the next 99 days we will be posting something every day about this amazing new ship.

North Star

Royal Caribbean has been pushing the envelope for years in terms of what a cruise ship can include and North Star is another example of "they can put that on a cruise ship?".

Northstar is an observation pod that is attached to a giant arm on top of Quantum of the Seas.  North Star will allow passengers to go up in the sky above the cruise ship 300 feet above the sea.

For the the first time ever, guests can get an amazing view around their cruise ship and take what is sure to become amazing photos of the scenery.  

Imagine the view from North Star of the port you're in and the feeling of being able to see it all from the safety of North Star.  What may have required an expensive helicopter ride before now allows for a complimentary experience that is found on no other cruise ship.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post as we celebrate 99 days of Quantum!

Lost Royal Caribbean ship names


Royal Caribbean has 21 ships in service today along with another handful of ships on their way and each has a name that help make each ship unique.  Did you know Royal Caribbean has had other names for ships that never got used?

When Royal Caribbean builds new cruise ships these days, they register for a trademark for many possible ship names but not all names get used for reasons we may never know.  Searching through the Trademark Electronic Search System, we found a list of ship names Royal Caribbean registered that never used and it got us dreaming about the "what if's" with these names.

Endeavour of the Seas

First up is Endeavour of the Seas, whcih was registered on September 17, 2004, which was the same day they registered for Freedom of the Seas. 

In fact, Endeavour of the Seas was originally the name of the second Freedom-class ship before ultimately being named Liberty of the Seas.  Even to this day, www.endeavoroftheseas.com redirects you to Royal Caribbean's web site.

Journey of the Seas

Royal Caribbean registered the name Journey of the Seas back on February 16, 2001, which was also the same day it registered Jewel of the Seas.

Traveler of the Seas

Traveler of the Seas was also registered on February 16, 2001

The other Quantum class names

In late 2012 Royal Caribbean applied for six trademarks for new cruise ship names but ultimately only used two of them (Quantum & Anthem) so the other four names appear to be abandonded as well.

  • Vantage of the Seas
  • Ovation of the Seas
  • Passion of the Seas
  • Pulse of the Seas

Which ship name do you think Royal Caribbean should have used? Add your suggestion in the comments below!

Royal Caribbean Post Round-Up: August 10, 2014


Another week has come to an end and we've gone through and hand-picked some fun articles for you to take a look at in case you missed any of it.

Quantum of the Seas float out was scheduled to happen yesterday but the big step had to be delayed for a few more days due to poor weather.

Quantum of the Seas will now be floated out on August 12 at 4pm local time, which is a better time for Americans to see it than it's original time slot.

If all goes well, she will begin her thruster and stabilizer tests following the float out.

Royal Caribbean News

Royal Caribbean Blog Podcast

The fifty-third episode of the Royal Caribbean Blog Podcast is available, previewing a listener's Jewel of the Seas cruise.

This week Matt invited listener Kris to preview his upcoming Jewel of the Seas cruise as well as discuss what there is for kids to do on a cruise.

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Royal Caribbean Around the Internet

Royal Caribbean COO Adam Goldstein shared business travel advice on LinkedIn.

Motley Fool is writing about how Royal Caribbean's massive internet upgrade is about getting more Millennials to cruise.

Seatrade Insider says Royal Caribbean China chief Zinan Liu will deliver the keynote Cruise Shipping Asia-Pacific speech.


Royal Caribbean appeals rejection of trademark "Broadway At Sea"


Royal Caribbean tried to trademark the name "Broadway At Sea" for its onboard musical theater that it offers but its trademark registration was denied by the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board.

This week, Royal Caribbean filed an appeal with the TTAB.

Royal Caribbean believes that "Broadway" is traditionally used as a noun to refer to the street in New York City, whereas Royal Caribbean's name differs.

The trademark office attorney argued why Royal Caribbean's trademark request was descriptive, "Applicant is reminded that the question is not whether someone presented only with the mark could guess what the services are.  In context with the identified services offered by applicant, potential consumers will immediately understand that the term 'Broadway' refers to Broadway-style shows."

Quantum of the Seas float out delayed for a few days


Royal Caribbean's brand new Quantum of the Seas will have to wait a few days more for its float out from its Meyer Werft shipyard in Germany.

Quantum of the Seas will now be floated out on August 12, 2014 at 4pm local time.

It had previously been scheduled to float out on August 9 but a poor weather forecast forced Meyer Werft to delay.

If all goes well, she will begin her thruster and stabilizer tests following the float out.

Friday Photos


We love sharing Royal Caribbean photos that our readers send in because they are so much fun to look at.  We want your photos too, so send us your best Royal Caribbean photos to share with the world.

Our first photo this week is from Karen Boerner of the Centrum on Enchantment of the Seas during night.  I believe Royal Caribbean ships look exceptionally beautiful at night and this photo proves that theory!

Marie Cischigano sent in this photo of her relaxing on her balcony on Freedom of the Seas.  Great view and this is why so many people love to get balcony staterooms.

Next is this photo by Paul Wilson of Navigator of the Seas while he was in Roatan.  One of my favorite ships in Royal Caribbean fleet and taken on a beautiful island!

Frank Battiston sent us this photo from Allure of the Seas when the crew helped rescue 15 people who were stranded at sea. Well done, Royal Caribbean!

Lastly we have this photo by Matt Carrera of enjoying Antigua's local brew while on a Jewel of the Seas cruise.  It's always a plus to enjoy an adult beverage while on a beautiful island's beach.

If we didn't include your photo this week, then that means you need to send it in to us for use on a future Friday Photos post.  We want to see your favorite Royal Caribbean cruise photos and you can use this form to send them to us.

Jewel of the Seas listener cruise preview on Royal Caribbean Blog Podcast


Our newest podcast episode is out to help give you a quick "audio escape" to a Royal Caribbean cruise!

Episode 53 is available for downloading and this week we are reviewing the beautiful island of St. Maarten.

Matt previews a listener's upcoming southern Caribbean cruise on Jewel of the Seas as well as discusses bringing kids on a Royal Caribbean cruise.

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Video: Quantum of the Seas adviser Dhani Jones brings fitness to new cruise ship


Quantum Sports and Fitness Advisor Dhani Jones experiences an action-packed FlyWheel class on his quest to deliver new activities and fitness for Royal Caribbean's newest ship, Quantum of the Seas.

Everything about Royal Caribbean's Promenade View staterooms


An iconic area on many Royal Caribbean ships is the Royal Promenade, a boulevard of shops, restaurants and bars.  In addition, there are staterooms that look down on the Royal Promenade that offer sweeping views of the area so we thought it would be useful to look at what this stateroom does (and does not) include and why you might want to consider booking it for your next cruise.

A look inside a typical Promenade stateroom - Photo by Royal Caribbean

What is a Promenade stateroom?

The Promenade stateroom is a lot like an ocean view stateroom, in that it's a category of stateroom that offers a window and more square footage, compared to a standard inside cabin.  

The attraction of a Promenade stateroom is it offers bowed windows that overlook the Royal Promenade.

The exact size of Promenade stateroom varies depending on the class of ships. Voyager and Freedom class ships Promenade staterooms are 160 square feet, whereas on Oasis class ships they are 193 square feet.

Promenade stateroom windows as seen from the Royal Promenade - Photo by TravnKC

There is also a special category of Promenade staterooms for families called the Promenade Family Stateroom.  It's only available on the Freedom class of Royal Caribbean ships but it offers a more than double the space, with 327 square feet.

Family Promenade Stateroom - Photo by ADPMOM

What are the benefits of booking a Promenade stateroom?

The best part of a Promenade stateroom is the opportunity to watch the activities happening on the Royal Promeande.  From parades, to dance parties to just people watching, there's usually something going on and it's a fun way to scope everything out.

In addition, the bay windows included offer a nice place to sit and a little extra space in your stateroom.  For kids, being able to watch the Royal Promenade anytime from their room gives them entertainment anytime.

They tend to be an excellent value and the couch that is built into the bay window adds more another sitting area and of course, lots to see.

Since the Promenade staterooms surround the Royal Promenade, these rooms are right in mid ship, making the convenient to everywhere.

What are the disadvantages of booking a Promenade stateroom?

Parade going by - Photo by skjoiner

The same bay windows in a Promenade stateroom that let you look down on the activity on the Royal Promenade let everyone in the Promenade see right back into your stateroom.  Not to worry, Royal Caribbean provides two curtains to retain your privacy but for some people the idea is too voyeuristic.

In addition, the rooms can get noisy, especially during the parades.  The first night is usually the noisest due to the parade and cruise kick-off celebrations but it's usually very quiet after that.

Some cabins on the Oasis-class ships have pieces of the ship's structure or store fronts partially blocking the cabin's view. Not enough to ruin the view, but it's noticable, especially compared to Voyager and Freedom class ships that have no blockage at all.


Promenade staterooms on Mariner of the Seas - Photo by Rennett Stowe

Overall, Promenade staterooms offer a fun view that is an unique Royal Caribbean experience.  Promenade staterooms are certainly more interesting than inside or ocean view staterooms and the extra couch in the bay window is a real plus.

The staterooms are conveniently located and for kids, it's a wonderful source of entertainment since they can constantly watch the Royal Promenade activities.  

Like nearly every stateroom category, it's important to note what is above and below your stateroom.  We've heard reports of noise from shops during early or late hours.  Noise bleed isn't unique to the Promenade staterooms but it is worth noting when choosing your exact cabin.

If you're wondering which level of staterooms to choose, it's a very subjective question. The lowest deck offers the closest views but with the most noise (relatively speaking).  The highest deck is a little far from the "action" but it gives you a little more privacy.  Generally speaking the middle and upper deck are the most popular.

Have you stayed in a Promenade stateroom? Do you want to stay in one? Post in the comments below and share your thoughts!

Royal Caribbean's Voyager of the Seas previews upcoming refurbishment


Royal Caribbean's Voyager of the Seas is about to get a ship-wide refurbishment that will give it brand new upgrades that will enhance the guest experience and breathe new life into this ship that will be sailing in Australia.

Voyager of the Seas will get a number of new features including

The new refurbishment will take place in October 2014.