99 days of Quantum: Cocktails aboard Quantum of the Seas


To countdown the launch of Royal Caribbean's newest cruise ship, Quantum of the Seas, we're blogging about one aspect of the ship each day for 99 days. Check back each day for something exciting to read about this new ship.

Cocktails aboard Quantum of the Seas

Who doesn't enjoy a good mixed drink aboard their Royal Caribbean cruise?  When Quantum of the Seas debuts, there will be a number of brand new cocktails that were created specifically for this ship and available at select restaurants and bars.

Mixology is emerging as a popular aspect to cruising and we have a list of the brand new special drinks to look for.

American Icon Grill


Sweet, sour, aromatic and depth, this American classic has everything. Not old fashioned at all.


A perfect balance of sweet and dry vermouth allows the bourbon to shine in this iconic cocktail.


Sweet and sour is given a new direction as cane sugar and vodka are introduced to a lemon emulsion.



Bitter cocoa powder and mascarpone cheese are churned together with dark crème de cocoa and vanilla vodka made super indulgent with the addition of a Guinness float and a rim of Synsepalum dulcificum.


Mango purée and fresh cilantro pair up nicely with Bombay Sapphire gin in a grown-up trip down memory lane, and a sweet finish is delivered via a fleur du sel garnish.


Peanut vodka has a field day with team mates such as nougat cream liquour, white crème de cocoa and caramel syrup.


Maker’s Mark bourbon, sweet vermouth and salt water taffy simple syrup deliver a different kind of grown-up trip down memory lane. A sweet finish arrives via a crown of fleur du sel.



Crème de Cassis lends itself well to root ginger fresh apple juice and lengthened with vodka. This cocktail is no quitter.


A romantic blend of Champagne and rose water mingle well with rum and a raspberry emulsion.


Gin and sweet and sour are blended with cucumber and a fresh lime emulsion, then adorned with raspberry caviar.

The Grande


This cocktail has it all: a well balanced mix of fresh pear with a hint of raspberry vodka, apple liqueur and some bubbles to finish.


Fresh muddled pear and mint provide a solid base for the arrival of pear vodka, Cointreau and fresh lime which creates a pear explosion.


Vodka and fresh lime are joined by Champagne and jeweled with pomegranate seeds.




The unique sweetness of Lychee beautifully compliments the botanicals found in gin, courtesy of this Asian twist on a British classic.


A flavor explosion happens when you thrust together fresh basil, coconut, vanilla extract and ginger beer, made grown up with the addition of rum.


The lip-smacking acidity delivered via Yuzu is counteracted with the sweet pop in the cherry caviar and given levity with some fizz.

Coastal Kitchen


Exotic flavors of pineapple and passionfruit blend in beautifully with hints of almond to perfect this long rum-based cocktail.


In this Mediterranean delight, fresh basil cuts through the sweetness of macerated apricots and is rounded off with the citrus zing of lemon juice.


It’s orange all the way in this cocktail, combining orange vodka, blood orange juice and Cointreau, made tall with sweet and sour and lime soda.

Michael's Genuine Pub


Chivas 12yr Scotch, Canton Ginger, simple, lemon


Aperol, St. Germain, sparkling wine, soda, fresh watermelon, orange bitters


Wild Turkey 81, rosemary-infused Amarena cherries, lemon


Sombra Mezcal, fresh pineapple, fresh cucumber, agave, lime, jalapeno, cardamom


Campari, Basil Hayden bourbon, Dolin Dry vermouth, Carpano Antica


Blackwell Rum, orange, Cardamaro, pineapple foam, Fee Bros. old fashioned bitters


Death’s Door Gin, Averell Damson, Ardbeg Scotch, basil, lime, cardamom

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post as we celebrate 99 days of Quantum!

Everything we know about Royal Caribbean RFID WOWbands


One of the more interesting parts of Royal Caribbean's Quantum of the Seas technology announcement yesterday was the RFID "WOWband" wristbands because of the really intriguing possibilites. 

Understandably, there's a lot of intrigue regarding this new kind of SeaPass and people want to know what it is exactly and what to expect.  We don't know everything quite yet, but here's a listing of all the information on WOWbands that we do know in one place.

What do WOWbands do?

WOWbands are RFID bracelets that allow you tap it and quickly navigate the ship, make on-board purchases, access staterooms and access the Royal iQ app.  It is an optional replacement for the SeaPass card.  

Unlike a SeaPass card, it can never demagnetize. It's also waterproof.

Do I have to get a WOWband?

No, they are optional and you may keep your SeaPass card instead to use.  Even if you get the WOWband, you can use both.

Royal Caribbean is encouraging all guests to use WOWbands but they are not required.

Will the WOWband cost extra?

Yes, there will be a "nominal charge" to get a WOWband.

How much will each WOWband cost?

Each wristband will cost $2.

Can I buy WOWbands onboard or online and have them mailed to me?

WOWbands will be available in guest staterooms and they can be purchased at any Royal iQ station.

Watch the Quantum of the Seas technology telecast


Here's a full copy of the broadcast Royal Caribbean made earlier today announcing the amazing technological advances coming to Quantum of the Seas.

You can read all about what's coming to Quantum of the Seas too but this is the video starring tech journalist David Pogue introducing everything.

99 days of Quantum: Quantum of the Seas technology reveal images


We're counting down to the 99 days until Royal Caribbean's newest cruise ship, Quantum of the Seas, launches with a brand new blog post every day. Be sure to check back for something new everyday here.

Quantum of the Seas technology reveal photos

Earlier today Royal Caribbean made a big announcement with the technology coming to Quantum of the Seas and there's a lot to digest.  For today's post, we're going to showcase the images of the new technology to get an idea of what's coming our way. Enjoy!

Royal Caribbean announces technology for Quantum of the Seas


At a media event in Germany, Royal Caribbean announced the technology advances coming to its newest cruise ship, Quantum of the Seas.

SMART Check-in

Before you even get onboard your cruise, guests can generate boarding documents online, upload their own ID photo, and receive digital boarding confirmation.  By the time they arrive at the cruise terminal for departure, Royal Caribbean guests can go from “sidewalk to ship” in 10 minutes with no check-in counter, no forms to fill out and no lines to stand in. 

Guests will be able to track luggage in real time on their smartphones.  Luggage will be tagged curbside with RFID technology at drop-off, and guests can monitor their bags’ progress through key points en route to the stateroom.  On departure, the process is reversed.   

SMART Concierge: Flexibility at your fingertips

Quantum of the Seas will offer new RFID WOWband wristbands, which require only a simple tap to quickly navigate the ship, make onboard purchases, serve as the room key and more.  

Simplicity and efficiency are also at the heart of two new apps that put guests in charge of their cruise choices: Cruise Planner, which allows guests to research and book dining reservations, shore excursions, spa appointments and more before their vacation begins; and Royal iQ, available as a downloadable app and provided at freestanding iQ stations around the ship.  Royal iQ allows guests to manage details during the cruise, includes a convenient calendar that provides at-a-glance views of their program, and keep in touch with one another and home via phone and text capabilities.

“Every vacation minute counts, especially on Quantum of the Seas where there is so much to see and do,” said Lisa Lutoff-Perlo, Executive Vice President, Operations, Royal Caribbean International. “Guests can now tailor everything about their cruise in advance, so they can start enjoying their vacation the minute they step onboard.  In essence, they get back the first day of their cruise.” 

Taken together, these features take the company’s time-saving efforts to a new level,” Lutoff-Perlo said. “Every minute we can save our guests is another minute of their vacation they have to enjoy.”

SMART Connect: Downloads at the speed of modern life

Quantum of the Seas will operate with unprecedented bandwidth using satellites launched by tech partner O3b Networks.  With speeds that match fast broadband connections onshore, guests can be online 24/7, no matter what personal device they bring onboard.  Guests can watch streaming video, check email, share images on social media and enjoy face-to-face video conversations – even in the middle of the ocean.

“Even when they are getting away from it all on vacation, people want to be able to connect,” said Lutoff-Perlo.  “Our satellite network will make things possible at sea that could never have been done before, and will make all the difference in the way guests share their Royal Caribbean experience.”

In addition, Quantum’s connectivity makes it possible for one of the SeaPods in SeaPlex to become a live global video gaming suite where guests can enjoy Xbox Live and compete with other gamers worldwide. 

SMART Experiences: Shaking martinis and spinning screens

Technology also powers surprise-and-delight elements on Quantum of the Seas.  A brand new venue, Bionic Bar, is set to make waves with robots at center stage.  Guests place orders via tablets and then have fun watching robotic bartenders hard at work mixing cocktails.   

Robots drive another entertaining feature on Quantum of the Seas.  Two70 is home to a playful and agile troupe of six Roboscreens that stage surprise performances during every cruise, creating scenes while soaring and twisting solo, or uniting as one.  Guests will also experience Vistarama, floor-to-ceiling glass walls that transform into an expansive ambient surface that projects any scene, real or imagined, including the multidimensional performance spectacle, Starwater.

Quantum of the Seas will take advantage of technology in functional forms as well.  Guest staterooms are equipped with device-charging USB outlets, as well as energy efficient and environmentally friendly lighting systems. Interior accommodations are outfitted with Virtual Balconies that display real-time sights and sounds of the sea through 80-inch LED screens, ensuring every stateroom has a view.

SMART Service: Crew can connect better with guests – and with home

The technology benefits of Quantum of the Seas extend to the ship’s crew.  Custom apps will allow crew members to keep better track of guests’ tastes and preferences, allowing staff to tailor their already remarkably personalized service to an even higher degree.  Whether a guest prefers gluten-free dining, early show seating, or shiatsu massage, the features of the smart ship allow crew members to anticipate every need.

And the ship’s remarkable capabilities give the company an opportunity to make life better for crew members too, since Royal Caribbean will present every crew member on Quantum of the Seas with a free, personal Microsoft Windows tablet, with a suite of services and apps that is theirs to keep.  And as technology upgrades are made across the company’s fleet, every shipboard employee in the entire Royal Caribbean International fleet will also receive their own tablet – a total of 40,000 tablets.  

“The Royal Caribbean men and women who provide such great vacations are the real heroes of our fleet and these gifts demonstrate our appreciation in a tangible way,” Fain said. “This technology isn't only about giving our guests a better vacation – it’s also about giving our crew and their families a closer connection than we’ve ever been able to” 

SMART Sustainability: Cleaner and greener

Technology has even played a part in making the ship more environmentally friendly.  Sophisticated computer modeling was used to reduce the vessel’s energy consumption with efficient hull configuration, engine design and energy saving devices.  The ship has eliminated the use of incandescent bulbs; all lighting will be provided by low-energy LED or fluorescents.  Motion sensors even dim hallway lighting when no one is present.  

99 days of Quantum: American Icon Grill


Royal Caribbean's Quantum of the Seas debuts in less than 100 days so we're counting down all the great things about Quantum of the Seas. Each day we will post something about Quantum of the Seas to share with you.

American Icon Grill

One of the new restaurants coming to Royal Caribbean's Quantum of the Seas is the American Icon Grill, a take on classic American fare with a modern twist.


Essentially, the American Icon Grill will be the place to go for classic American food.  Royal Caribbean touts American Icon Grill as a place that will serve regional favorites, comfort style.

You'll find New Orleans gumbo, New England clam chowder, Southern buttermilk fried chicken and more.

Inside the restaurant, the look of the place will include sweeping natural landscapes, iconic photography and décor accents emulating the classic American roadster.

American Icon Grill is a complimentary restaurant and will be included in your cruise fare.  It will be open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post as we celebrate 99 days of Quantum!

Tropical Storm Cristobal alters two Royal Caribbean cruise ship itineraries


Tropical Storm Cristobal is causing Royal Caribbean to change its itineraries for two of the world's largest cruise ships.

Oasis of the Seas will skip its scheduled stop in Nassau today, August 24 and will instead have a sea day.

Freedom of the Seas will not stop at Royal Caribbean's private island of CocoCay on August 25 and will have a sea day instead.

Royal Caribbean Post Round-Up: August 24, 2014


The Quantum of the Seas news is really starting to flow now and this week we heard about the next Quantum of the Seas reveal event that will occur tomorrow.

On August 25, Royal Caribbean will hold a media event at the Meyer-Werft shipyard in Germany to show off all the technology Quantum of the Seas will have.

Tech writer David Pogue will host the event and it will be live streamed online at 10am eastern time.

The technology reveal for Quantum of the Seas is expected to follow the recent dining and entertainment reveal events in showcasing what's new and exciting for Quantum of the Seas. Royal Caribbean has built a reputation of pushing the envelope when it comes to technology on its cruise ships and this event should further than agenda.

Royal Caribbean News

99 Days of Quantum

We're counting down the days until Royal Caribbean's newest cruise ship, Quantum of the Seas, debuts with a blog post each day about what makes this cruise ship so amazing.

Royal Caribbean Blog Podcast

The fifty-fifth episode of the Royal Caribbean Blog Podcast is now available and we're previewing a podcast listener's upcoming cruise on Allure of the Seas.

In this episode, Matt kicks off a new series counting his favorite five things to do see, eat or watch and this week it was the Top 5 things on Freedom of the Seas.

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Royal Caribbean Around the Internet

EatSleepCruise has a list of four essential rules to get Dynamic Dining Reservations.

Seatrade Insider writes the San Juan pier expansion will make it ready for Quantum and Oasis-class cruise ships.

Travel Pulse says cruise lines are eager to attract solo travelers by reducing or eliminating the dreaded single supplement.

TravelWeekly posted about how an unexpected drop in fuel prices has helped cruise lines' bottom lines.

99 days of Quantum: ROBOSHOW


Royal Caribbean's Quantum of the Seas debuts in less than 100 days so we're counting down all the great things about Quantum of the Seas. Each day we will post something about Quantum of the Seas to share with you.


Royal Caribbean loves to put on its ships great entertainment and cutting-edge technology so it's no surprise they combined the two with ROBOSHOW.

I'm going to try to explain what ROBOSHOW is in words but it's one of those that has to be seen to be believed.

Royal Caribbean has created a show that has six Roboscreens that descend from the ceiling on hige robotic arms.  Each screen is over seven feet in size and the screens move around quite easily on the robotic arms.

The screens can even dance with the live performers that you will see right in front of you.  In fact, the shows will be surprise performances throughout the cruise in Two70°.

The Roboscreen technology in ROBOSHOW is second only to the complexity of the robotic project in the Mars rovers.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's post as we celebrate 99 days of Quantum!

Royal Caribbean sets up staff training center in China


Royal Caribbean has set up a staff training center in China.  The new center is at in Tianjin Maritime College in north China's port city of Tianjin.

The new training center will have an area of over 13,000 square meters and offer training rooms for Western and Asian cooking, guest rooms and exhibition halls.

Royal Caribbean chief human resources officer, Maria Del Busto, said the cruise line will have five new cruise ships from China in the next couple of years.

Tianjin gained official approval for a national cruise liner tourism development zone last year.