Royal Caribbean launches search for Godmother to Harmony of the Seas


Royal Caribbean is looking for the right person to be godmother to its newest cruise ship, Harmony of the Seas.

Harmony of the Seas will make her debut in the U.S. In November when she arrives in Port Everglades in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, and to celebrate the cruise line has partnered with South Florida ABC affiliate Local 10 to find a woman who is inspiring the next generation to dream big and think differently.

South Florida residents are encouraged to visit and nominate a mentor, educator or teacher whose passion for education and a better tomorrow inspires students to make a positive impact on the world. The winner will not only be honored as godmother of Harmony of the Seas during the ship’s official naming ceremony on November 10, 2016, but a $25,000 grant will also be awarded to her school or non-profit organization to fund education initiatives that will further her mission to inspire South Florida’s youth.

In addition, the godmother will have the opportunity to host a “field trip” for those whose lives she has influenced to be her guests at the Harmony of the Seas naming ceremony, and will set sail later that evening with three guests on a two-night pre-inaugural cruise.

She will also receive a future seven-night cruise for two onboard the ship.

The contest is open to volunteers, full- and part-time employees at of a school or educational organization in Miami-Dade County, Broward County or Palm Beach County. Self-nominations are also accepted. Nominees must be legal residents of Florida and 21 years of age or older at time of nomination and nominators must be 13 years of age or older as of date of entry. Official Rules can be read by visiting The Entry Period for nominations ends on September 23, 2016.

“Royal Caribbean’s legacy is built on a dream that began in a small trailer on Biscayne Boulevard,” said Michael Bayley, President and CEO, Royal Caribbean International. “That’s why when we thought about the godmother for Harmony of the Seas, a ship that is not just the world’s largest, but the ultimate expression of our history and future, we knew that we wanted to pay tribute to our roots and community with this designation. Who better to welcome Harmony home than an outstanding woman who is inspiring the dreamers and innovators of South Florida’s next generation.”

A maritime tradition and honor historically reserved for heads of state, politicians and celebrities, godmothers not only break a bottle to christen a ship, but also serve as guiding spirits to its guests and crew. Royal Caribbean looks to capture the essence of the role by choosing women whose life lessons and achievements illustrate the kind of courage, dedication and determination that are an inspiration to all. For more information on the maritime tradition of ship godmothers, visit

Freedom of the Seas Live Blog Day Four - Falmouth


Today we are in Falmouth, Jamaica and we did not have any excursions planned so we decided to just "go with the flow."  

On our last visit to Falmouth, we tried a nearby beach excursion but the kids did not love it and wanted to take it easier this time. 

Our ship did not dock in Falmouth until 10am, and so we took this opportunity to sleep in and take a little slower.

After breakfast in the Windjammer, it was time to head down to Falmouth.  Disembarkation was simple and we were able to get ashore with no wait.

Once in Falmouth, we went to Margaritaville, which is right inside the port area and has no cost for entry. Plus, it has a nice pool for the kids.

This was our first time here, and it was about what we expected. The pool was nice, although it lacked a shallow end (3 feet deep everywhere), but it has a fun waterfall feature.

We had a few drink and some chips, but the kids started to get crabby around lunch so we decided to head back to the ship for lunch at 1pm.  

Lunch was in the Windjammer, and they had some interesting choices, like an Asian soup station and a make-your-own pasta station.

After lunch, we stayed on the ship but the weather started to go from cloudy to rain.  It rained the rest of the day, making a return to Falmouth unlikely.

I did get off the ship to head to Dairy Queen for our "Blizzards in Jamaica" meet!  

All in attendance enjoyed a Dairy Queen blizzard treat and it tasted great!

The rest of my afternoon we spent back in the afternoon and took it easy. I think a lot of the fun from the last few days started to catch up with all of us.

Our evening was pretty similar to past few evenings: Fed the kids, brought them to Adventure Ocean and then enjoyed some drinks and dinner (not necessarily in that order).

Stray Observations

  • We discovered today that one can order guacamole from Sabor at the Schooner Bar without paying the cover charge. It costs $15 and consists of two servings and it's only available during regular Sabor hours.

  • The Cruise Compass lists tonight's dress code as "Tropical Casual". Not only have I never seen this dress code mentioned before, I have no idea what it means.
  • The schedule of activities today reminds me of embarkation day because of how few there are.  Our late departure (6:30pm) seems to be the likely reason.

Drink count

There is a phenomenon among drink package guests that I call "drink fatigue," where after a few days you start to lack the desire to order drinks because they may have indulged so much earlier in the cruise. The reason I bring this up is because it has started to hit me.  I did not have a drink today until the evening and today I felt less inclined to order a drink.

4 drinks + 2 coffees

Review: Beach Loungers on CocoCay


Please welcome guest blogger Kayla Gillman, who is here to talk about her recent visit to Royal Caribbean's private destination of CocoCay in the Bahamas.

For an upgraded beach experience on Royal Caribbean's private island Coco Cay without the cost of a cabana, you may want to consider the shaded Beach Loungers located on the South Beach of CocoCay (the beach formerly known as Barefoot Beach). 

I recently had the chance to visit the island while aboard Majesty of the Seas, and since it was my friend's first cruise, wanted to do something a little extra special during our visit.

We disembarked the ship in the morning around 10:30 AM, and made our way to the Shore Excursions desk on the island. Here, we were asked to step around to the back of the building where a tram quickly scooped us up, and brought us on our way down to the Lounger area. If you are not a fan of long walks on the beach, this would be a great option for you. However, I have found that walking down to this area of the island to be quite enjoyable as you get a chance to see the vast majority of the island along your way.

Upon arrival, we walked over to the shaded bar area where we were greeted by our attendant. She handed us our towels, and showed us which loungers were still available to us (the loungers are available on a first come; first serve basis so if you have a particular space in mind plan on getting there early).

We selected our lounger, and our attendant followed us with a cooler of water and a fruit plate. Our two beach mats were already brought out and leaning up against one side of our clamshell lounger.

We relaxed for a little bit and grabbed a Coco Loco (souvenir cup and all!) from the bar where we were first greeted by our attendant, who was available there for us the remainder of the day.

I have to say, I thought that for what we paid for two people this was an excellent value as the beach mats alone run $18 per person. We very much enjoyed floating along the beach with our drinks and relaxing in the shade of our cabanette. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a quiet, calm beach day.

It also appears that there is quite a bit of construction happening in the area – it looks like there have been some new cabana structures added to the area as well, but I did not notice them in use.

Need a break from lounging around? The excitement of the brand new Floating Bar is just a quick walk away – you can see it from your lounger!

We swung by here for a quick drink, and I have to say this is quite a welcome and fun addition to the beach.

At the end of our day, we turned our towels back in to our attendant and wandered our way back down the beach and made our way back to the tenders. Looking forward to the chance to book one of these loungers again and enjoy a fun day on Coco Cay!

Beach Loungers may be reserved ahead of your cruise via the Cruise Planner. They run $59.00 for two people, and included you receive 2 floating beach mats, 2 bottles of water, towels, and transportation in addition to the reserved shaded "clamshell" loungers. Keep in mind when reserving the loungers, that you will only need to book under one person – this will cover the admission for two people to your lounger.


#TeamCocoCay #ClubCocoLoco #SorryMatt

Freedom of the Seas Live Blog Day Three - Labadee


Today might have been our family's best day in Labadee!

We arrived in Labadee just around 8am and our family got up around that time to get ready to for a day of sun, beach and ocean fun.  

Breakfast was in the Windjammer at around 8:30am, and it was busy, but we opted once again to dine in Giovanni's Table because it is reserved for Diamond and Diamond Plus guests.

Our plan was simple for today, we reserved a beach cabana at Nellie's Beach.  Usually, I opted for the over the water cabanas but with the young kids, the beach cabanas are a better choice because the over the water cabanas have steep stairs between the cabana and the ocean, whereas the beach cabana has much easier ocean access.

We walked off the ship and right to the golf carts waiting to take us directly to Nellie's Beach.  I love the private transportation service you get with the cabanas, especially with the kids.

I was pleasantly surprised to find the beach cabanas were on the beach, but at the back of the beach in a reserved area.  Whereas the beach cabanas at Barefoot Beach are right on the beach near other guests laying on the beach, these cabanas at Nellie's Beach were in the back to provide more privacy.

We got settled in quickly with our cabana attendant and then it was straight to the ocean!

Our group cruise meet for today was a meeting of the "Labadoozie Appreciation Society." I was surprised to see a brand new Labadoozie cup design that came in four colors, although it does not have the word "Labadee" written on it anymore.

We enjoyed our Labadoozies and headed back to Nellie's Beach for another swim.  

Lunch was the usual Labadee BBQ, and I ordered veggie burgers, which I enjoyed quite a bit.  

After lunch, we went to the beach for some more relaxing and swimming.  The kids enjoyed alternating between time in the ocean and playing in the sand.  It seemed like we struck the right chord on this visit of fun, good weather and the ultimate X-Factor, kids in a good mood.

I also took this opportunity to walk over to Columbus Cove and check out the water slide, water park and the new beach bungalows.

The bungalows look quite nice, and are very similar to the cabanas.  Coming in at $225, they are cheaper than the cabanas, but the trade-off here with the bungalows is they are spaced closer to each other and lack a third wall.  Not a big deal, and the beach views are quite nice.


By about 1:30pm, the kids were starting to "hit the wall" and we decided to bail before any meltdowns.

I know the cabanas are expensive ($399 for what we reserved), but considering the fact we split the cabana with friends, and had it for the entire day, the breakdown in hourly cost per person is more than a deal. And having a private retreat to enjoy was really nice, especially with our terrific cabana attendant.

Back onboard, everyone showered and I made a quick stop to Starbucks for much-needed caffeine. 

This evening was the Top Tier Crown and Anchor Society event, which is a welcome-back party for the Platinum and above members.

I really enjoy these events because I find it refreshing as a customer to have the company take time to recognize its most loyal customers.  Sure there are some complimentary alcoholic drinks here, but the idea of the event is what brings me back.  Plus, sometimes you pick up interesting tidbits or news from the Captain or another officer.

Following the event, I took my daughters for dinner at Sorrentos (of course) and then dropped them off at Adventure Ocean and the Nursery for the evening.

Prior to dinner, we opted to enjoy drinks in my favorite bar on Freedom of the Seas, R-Bar.  I love the hand crafted cocktails here and it is one of the best bars for people watching.

Dinner in the main dining room was lovely, and I enjoyed the Greek moussaka. 

Our evening activity was checking out the 80's dance party in Studio B.  I had never seen one before and it was fun to hear songs we all known the words to and watch folks dancing. 

Tomorrow we will be visiting Falmouth, Jamaica.

Stray Observations

  • The Labadoozie cup with the drink package is an out-of-pocket cost of $3.50.
  • When in the Labadee BBQ line, look for shorter lines because there are multiple lines at each BBQ station.  
  • Always remember to bring cash for tipping non-Royal Caribbean staff at Labadee.
  • The best, yet under appreciated, reasons to book a cabana: towels provided for you, so no hauling them back and forth from the ship.  This means our beach bag is about half the size it might otherwise be.  Also, the golf cart shuttle to/from your cabana is just plain awesome, especially with kids.
  • I was concerned about it being oppressively hot and humid today, but the humidity felt lower than what I was expecting and a nice breeze made for a fabulous weather day, especially for this time of year.
  • I was informed that if you are from England and have a English hair dryer, be sure to bring a European power adapter to make it work.

Drink count

8 drinks + 1 coffee

Spotted: New souvenir cup design on Royal Caribbean's Labadee private destination


While at Royal Caribbean's private destination of Labadee, we noticed the design for the souvenir cups has changed.

Guests that have visited Labadee may remember the classic souvenir cups available for guest to bring home after enjoying a Labadoozie.  The cup design has changed, and now offers four different colors.

In addition to the color change,there is no longer an indication as to the private destination you are visiting.  

Do you like the new cup design? Share your thoughts in our comments!

Royal Caribbean revamps its unlimited drink package offerings


Royal Caribbean rolled out new drink package options, aimed at simplifying what options are available for guests.

The new drink package options are:

Deluxe Beverage Package ($55 a day excluding gratuity): Unlimited cocktails, beer, wine, non-alcoholic beverages, premium coffee, tea, and bottled water – plus a 40% discount on bottles of wine under $100 and 20% off bottles above $100. This package includes drinks with a value of up to $12. For guests that would like to enjoy a beverage over that threshold, a $12 credit will be applied towards the beverage of choice and guests will be required to pay the balance.

Refreshment Package ($26 a day excluding gratuity): Enjoy our entire selection of premium coffees and teas, bottled water, fresh-squeezed juices, nonalcoholic cocktails, plus fountain soda and free Coca-Cola® souvenir cup.

Classic Soda Package ($8.50 a day excluding gratuity): Quench your thirst for just a few dollars a day with unlimited fountain soda refills and receive a free Coca-Cola® souvenir cup.

Evian Bottled Water Package: Two options available for guests

  • $39 excluding gratuity: Entitles passengers to 12 one liter bottles of evian® Natural Spring Water
  • $69 excluding gratuity: Entitles passengers to 24 one liter bottles of evian® Natural Spring Water

Royal Caribbean has consolidated and redesigned its beverage package offerings in an effort to make things easier for guests to understand.  These new drink package offerings are available to book via the Cruise Planner tool for all future cruises on September 6, 2016.

Guests that purchased one of the older drink packages will still have their purchases honored, with the following adjustments:

  • Select package will be honored as is until depleted.
  • Premium packages will be upgraded to a Deluxe package at no additional charge. 
  • Ultimate Packages will convert to the deluxe package.
  • Replenish packages will convert to the new refreshment package. 

Freedom of the Seas Live Blog Day Two - Sea Day


Sea days are something I have come to love over the years because of the variety of activities available onboard.  In fact, Royal Caribbean ships really "come to life" on sea days because of the plethora of activities.

Being in an inside stateroom (Promenade view), there is no natural light, so when I woke up, I had no idea if it was 2am or 2pm.  My phone said it was 8:30am, which was a surprise because that meant my children actually slept in!  Shortly thereafter, the kids woke up and we got ourselves going for the day.

Breakfast was in the Windjammer and we took advantage of a private dining area just for Diamond and Diamond Plus guests in Giovanni's Table.  Honestly, I had no idea this was a perk, but it was nice having a quieter spot without to search for a seat.

Naturally, I indulged in my favorite breakfast item in the Windjammer, by visiting the omelet station.  I noticed there were two omelet stations that face the aft of the ship, and even at 9amish, there was no big lines.

Following breakfast, I stopped by Cafe Promenade to grab a Starbucks beverage (thank you Ultimate Package) and then took my five year old to morning trivia in the Schooner Bar.

She did not want to go to Adventure Ocean, so I took her to trivia and this was her first time.  It was general trivia and she actually knew the answers to two questions that I had no clue about.  She knew how many hearts an Octopus has (3) and what ran away with the spoon in the nursery rhyme (plate).  

We lost, but it was still fun and she greatly enjoyed scoring the other team's answer sheet.

Next was our first meet of the day, which was the Key Master game in the Casino.  Basically, we tried to beat the Key Master machine and lost terribly.

We also tried our hand at the cash crane and managed to see someone actually win (it was not the person pictured)!  

After losing enough cash in the casino, it was time for lunch at Sabor.

This Sabor meal was a thank you to everyone that booked into our group from our partners at MEI Travel.  We took over the back half of the restaurant and indulged in some of my favorite meals.

The guacamole, margaritas and basically everything there was as good as I remember and a grand time was had by all.  

There was a bit of a discrepancy about which margaritas were included in the drink package, but in the end, we were able to use the drink package benefits for all the margaritas on the menu.  By far, the avocado margarita is my personal favorite.  I doubt this will be our last visit here on this cruise.

Following lunch, I walked around a bit and right to our next meet of the day, which was "The Most Civilized Bar Crawl" meet.  

We visited the Pub, R-Bar, Boleros and the Schooner Bar.  

Great drinks, great friends and a great time! It was the perfect opportunity to talk about cruising, life and get to know everyone.

I then headed up to Adventure Ocean to grab my daughter (she ended up going to the afternoon session) and went for a swim in the pool with her.

She had a blast in the kids pool practicing her jumps and swimming and late afternoons are a great time because the pools in general are all less crowded.

After the swim, it was time to head back to the room for showers and getting dressed. Tonight is our first formal night and we enjoy getting dressed up, just because outside of weddings and funerals, we never really have the opportunity.

My wife went with some of her friends to see the Broadway show, Marquee, in the Royal Theater and I was in charge of feeding the kids prior to dropping them off at Adventure Ocean. Feeding my kids these days means a stop at Sorrento's for some pizza.

After being fed, I brought the kids up to Adventure Ocean and then did what any sensible adult would do when left alone for about an hour: used my drink package benefits!  There was quite a crowd on the Royal Promenade because of it being formal night and plenty of people enjoying the festivities.

Dinner was back in the main dining room and another fun evening.  Great meal and service was great. 

Tomorrow is our first port stop in Labadee and I am excited for another day in paradise!

Stray Observations

  • Best bar for a less crowded experience: Olive or Twist Bar
  • I have a working theory about getting reservations for the Nursery, but will wait for it to be verified before reporting about it. 
  • Friends of ours reported if you are in the market for individual packs of cigarettes, you can get them at pretty much any bar if you ask.

Drink Count

Sea days are a drink package guest's best friend, and managed to get 10 drinks plus one Starbucks coffee in today.  I am doing much better than I thought I would be doing, although I freely admit it is easier to get two drinks at a restaurant or bar, where if I was paying cash I might have just had one.

Freedom of the Seas Live Blog Day One- Embarkation Day


It is finally here! After months of waiting, our next Royal Caribbean begins on a Royal Caribbean ship I have been on the most, Freedom of the Seas.

We arrived in the Cocoa Beach area yesterday, following through with a piece of advice I always dole out, which is to arrive to your embarkation port at least a day early.  This ensures any travel delays will not impact your cruise and your vacation begins a little earlier!

This morning, we woke up bright and early and got to Terminal One of Port Canaveral at 9:30am.  To my surprise, the terminal was open for check-in and after parking the car, we went in to check-in and get situated. 

Check-in was simple enough and as you might imagine, no lines at that time of day.  I heard from other cruisers later on that the lines for security got significantly longer as the day wore on, so arriving early to the terminal on embarkation day is a good idea.

Also surprising was the fact that we were let onboard pretty early.  I was onboard at 10:30 and at the Windjammer by 10:45.  Love it!

We had our traditional first meal onboard, enjoying the great variety of food available and without much fuss.

Following lunch, we walked around the Royal Promenade and just waited for the room to be ready. Traveling with a family, we tend to pack similarly to the Army of the Potomac, so it is easier to find a spot onboard to relax and wait for staterooms to be open at 1pm. We found such a spot at Boleros on deck 4.

I also took this opportunity to enjoy our first drinks of the cruise, a frozen mojito for myself and a margarita for my wife. 

We sipped our cocktails while the kids played somewhat quietly.  I would love to hear any reader suggestions for what to do in these hours before the room is ready from other parents.  We did have swimsuits, but the idea of getting changed in a restroom did not really appeal to me.

The staterooms were promptly ready at 1pm and we checked out our new home for the next seven nights.  We reserved connecting Promenade View rooms, which is our first time staying in this category.

With two rooms, we have a good amount of space for us and most importantly, separation from the kids when it comes to sleeping.

We headed up to Adventure Ocean to register the kids for that and the Nursery.  Royal Caribbean limits the nursery reservation of time to 16 hours, but after day 4, they allow more reservations. My wife is apprehensive that there may not be enough reservable time as we like, but based on prior experience, I am reasonably optimistic.  Granted, our group alone has brought about 4-5 toddlers onboard.

Next was time for our first meet of the cruise, the Go with the (Lava) Flow meet in the Olive Or Twist lounge. Great drinks with a great view and perfect way to kick off our cruise.

Muster drill was the usual event, and I appreciated the crew members that stood our kids at the front of the line and allowed us to leave a minute sooner than everyone to beat the crowd with kids!

For sail away, we organized another meet up at the helipad.  Great idea, but it was so hot out!  Luckily, we found some shade nearby.

I took this opportunity to stop by Cafe Promenade and grab my first Starbucks of the cruise.  Suddenly, the ultimate drink package is wonderful!

Back outside for sail away, we were delayed a bit because of some late luggage, but we left soon enough and on our way!

I headed back to the room after sail away for us to shower and get ready for dinner and our evening events.

While my wife got ready for dinner, I took the kids down to eat some food and to meet Po from Kung Fu Panda. Mission:accomplished! And for those keeping score at home, they do have 3D films in the Royal Theater, with Kung Fu Panda 3 shown tonight.

Along the way, I happened to run across the Izumi Express sushi available on Freedom of the Seas.  Earlier this summer, Royal Caribbean started offering Izumi-quality sushi for purchase.  On Freedom of the Seas, it is available from Sorrentos.

The sushi options were similar to what I saw on other ships and definitely an improvement what I have ever had at the Jade area of the Windjammer on previous cruises in the Windjammer. That being said, there is no more complimentary sushi available in the Jade section.

Adventure Ocean on day one is always a little odd in terms of scheduling but on this sailing, Adventure Ocean opened at 8:30pm, which is great.  We dropped my youngest off at the nursery at 8 and took my oldest daughter came with us for dinner in the main dining room for just about 20 minutes and then dropped her off after the appetizers.

Dinner in the main dining room was great, as usual, and the highlight of my meal was the coffee ice cream.  Perfect!

After dinner, we picked up the kids and headed back up to the room for an early evening.  We need energy for tomorrow.

Tomorrow is a sea day, with lots of exploring to do!

Stray Observations

  • Embarkation was among the quickest I have ever experienced, although I do admit I got there super early.  Still, the key is to arrive early to avoid those lines.
  • Check out the pricing for Sabor and Giovanni's Table.  $1 cheaper than usual, and I think it is because they want to make the price look more attractive at being just under the usual price point. Kind of like why things are $19.99 instead of $20.

  • Interestingly, I spotted on the Cruise Compass there is a note that Royal Caribbean's security officers now wear body cameras.  I spotted one officer wearing it when we boarded.  Definitely something new (to me).
  • The main dining room has a new kids menu, or at least a new presentation.
  • There are always embarkation day deals for specialty restaurants, but today at Sabor they were offering 20% off plus a free margarita. 


I wanted to tally the drinks I had each day to figure out how close I am coming to breaking even.  So at the end of every blog post, you will find my drink count.  Today's count is 7 alcoholic cocktails and 1 Starbucks drink. I came out a bit ahead, although I freely admit 2-3 drinks were drinks I ordered for the sake of ordering.  Still, off to a good start!

Royal Caribbean Post Round-Up: September 4, 2016


Happy Sunday! We hope you are having a wonderful weekend and we cannot wait to share with you all the exciting Royal Caribbean news from this week!

Earlier this week, Royal Caribbean released new sailings for Empress of the Seas, through the end of April 2017.

This new batch of Empress of the Seas sailings includes a great variety of itineraries to destinations all over the Caribbean. Guests can expect to find 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7-night cruises to ports in the Bahamas, Key West, Belize, Mexico and Grand Cayman.

Royal Caribbean News

Royal Caribbean Blog Podcast

The 161st episode of the Royal Caribbean Blog Podcast is now available, where we are previewing our Freedom of the Seas group cruise adventure.

In this episode, Matt previews his upcoming cruise on Freedom of the Seas and talks about what he has planned on his 7-night adventure.

Please feel free to subscribe via iTunes or RSS, and head over to rate and review the podcast on iTunes if you can! We’d appreciate it.

We are LIVE on Freedom of the Seas!

All this week, we are live blogging from Royal Caribbean's Freedom of the Seas!

Every day, Matt is posting a brand new blog post that reviews everything he did during the week and you can follow along!

The Navigator live blog can be found at and you are encouraged to join in the fun with your comments and questions!

Royal Caribbean Around the Internet

Moms of the Seas is sharing a secret stateroom option for connecting rooms that is perfect for families.

Royal Caribbean has a Q&A with the "father of bionic bartenders".

Porthole Magazine thinks there must be a better way to name cruise ships.

Eat Sleep Cruise has a step-by-step guide for the perfect Oasis of the Seas cruise.

First time cruisers: Royal Caribbean's SeaPass card


One of the first events on every Royal Caribbean cruise is when guests get their SeaPass card to use onboard their cruise. Every guest must use one and it is your figurative and literal key to your cruise experience and here is what you need to know about your SeaPass card and account.

SeaPass basics

When you hear the word, "SeaPass," it refers to your onboard expense account that is a lot like a credit card account, where all of your onboard purchases are charged against.  Since Royal Caribbean ships are cashless, your SeaPass card is how you make purchases, gain access to designated areas of the ship and identify yourself to Royal Caribbean easily.

Each person on the ship (including kids) will receive a SeaPass card with their information stored in the account. At embarkation, you will put down a credit card (American Express, Optima, MasterCard, Visa, Discover and Diner's Club) to place against your purchases.  At the end of your cruise, all of your purchases are added up and charged to that credit card.

Royal Caribbean also allows you to use traveler's checks, debit cards with a Visa or MasterCard logo, or cash to activate your SeaPass charging.

Once onboard your ship, you can use the SeaPass card to do things like

  • Get into your stateroom
  • Make onboard purchases
  • Check-in when returning back to the ship in ports
  • Accessing your onboard photos

Your SeaPass card is something to bring with you anywhere you go onboard or onshore. 

Making purchases

Using your SeaPass card to make purchases online is pretty simple and identical to using a credit card. Present your SeaPass card to a Royal Caribbean crew member and they will swipe it, provide you with a receipt to sign and that is about it.

A running tab of all your purchases will be kept under separate folio numbers for each guest and an itemized statement left in your stateroom the night before disembarkation.

Normally to activate this SeaPass account, most guests provide a credit card, (American Express, Optima, MasterCard, Visa, Discover and Diner's Club), to have these purchases charged to at the end of their cruise. Additionally, the SeaPass system may be activated with traveler's checks, debit cards with a Visa or MasterCard logo, or cash.

Onboard credit

Often, guests have onboard credit from a variety of channels. This onboard credit is effectively free money that is credited to your SeaPass account that will offset purchases made onboard.

If you have any onboard credit, it will automatically post to your SeaPass account on the first night of your cruise.  All charges you make your SeaPass card are first deducted from your onboard credit before you start accruing a tab.

You cannot designate certain charges to go against your onboard credit in lieu of others. Rather, it's a first charged, first debted system.


Children receive a SeaPass card too and they are essentially no different from an adult account, although there can be differences if you would like.

Minors receive SeaPass cards that have a different design to easily identify them to any crew member. 

In addition, parents can opt to revoke charging privileges completely or give a daily limit.