Independence of the Seas Live Blog - Day 3


So let's be honest, there are some times on a cruise when you're in a bar at one in the morning, and thinking, "I shouldn't be writing things on the internet".  You've been there, right?  Great!

Today we visited Cozumel Mexico, which as mentioned yesterday, is one of our favorite spots in the Caribbean.  After another long night we woke up the the beautiful Mexican waters at around 0945.  It's mornings like today's that I really value a verandah, it was so refreshing to wake up like that.  We grabbed breakfast at the Windjammer, and I know feel like I have a large enough sample size to declare that the Allure Windjammer breakfast is far superior to that of the Freedom and Independence Windjammer breakfast.  We've found that the breakfast on Indy and Freedom are just a bit uninspired - the same eggs, bacon, etc (and I suppose I should mention the lo mein - which is an odd breakfast item).  To be honest, most people are probably pretty happy with the selections, but on Allure we enjoyed some Indian options, various more traditional, but creatively presented items (like blueberry whole wheat waffles), etc.  All of that in mind, the most critical part of breakfast was espresso, and that waaaas excellent.  Oh, and I grabbed some grilled tomatoes, which I love, and have only ever eaten on cruise ships.  

After a stop at the stateroom we headed ashore, and it was beautiful day with the sun penetrating the topaz waters among the Brilliance, Independence, Carnival Freedom, and Carnival Fantasy.  There are few places in the world that have coastlines like this, we never stop appreciating it.  

If you get a cab right from the port (in this case, the International Cruise Terminal - which generally serves Royal Caribbean and Carnival, you'll see a list of rates to various destinations on the island.  We headed to Parque Benito Juarez a few miles away, which was an $8 ride.  The ride took a bit longer than usual because tomorrow's Ironman competition closed a few roads.  When we finally arrived we first visited a small shop at which Larissa purchased a dress  several months ago.  She likes the dress, but it was a bit too large.  Once we reminded the shop owner who we were, and that we really did purchase the dress there (I cheated, told him he was famous, and showed him a video of Larissa and him talking, which you can find on Periscope), he was kind enough to help us find the right size, and within minutes we were on our way.  

Next stop?  Coz Coffee.  This is also in Parque Benito Juarez, and I really wish we had a coffee shop this good close to our home in Ft Lauderdale.  While we've been there a number of times in the past year and change only today did we chat up the owner, Vince, and realize that he is an American ex-pat (it seems speaking to him in broken Spanish in the past was really useless).   Vince showed off his roasters next door and told us his story, but we'll elaborate more on this in a post on in the next week or so.  After our chat we enjoyed some espresso we were off to our next destination only a couple blocks away.

We've written about The Pub before, and it feels funny mentioning it, as I always try and convince people to visit local and authentic spots.  While a British pub in Mexico doesn’t seem authentic, they have a great spot with reasonable prices, and we had some veggie tacos with guac and fresh salsa, which frankly rivaled anything I’ve had elsewhere on the island.  

We enjoyed not only tacos, but many beers and great conversation (including a very lively group from Brilliance of the Seas) before taking a walk to grab a cab to Chedraui, a Mexican grocery store.  We fell in love with this chain in Cancun a month ago, and calling it a grocery store may be a bit of an understatement - it’s more like a Walmart in variety, but with better prices and customer service.  

I grabbed a few bottles of hot sauce (for less than $.40USD each) and some Havana Club Cuban rum.  Oh, I also stopped at an ATM in the store and took out some Mexican pesos, as after going to Mexico four times in seventy days, it seemed nuts not having some local currency handy.  

We got back to the ship around 1600, cleaned up, and grabbed some lite fare in the Windjammer before it was time to take in the fresh air, gawk at Brilliance of the Seas as she sailed away (we’ll be sailing her next year), and Periscope sail-away. There aren’t many sites as beautiful and depressing as leaving Cozumel on a cruise ship, and today was extra difficult as we don’t have another trip planned to the island (or the mainland for the matter) for another year, though I have a feeling we’ll find our way back long before then.

Since we enjoyed Giovanni’s last night we wanted to keep it casual tonight, so we relaxed, had a few drinks at Boleros, and headed to the Windjammer.  Tonight there was a decent spread, including a large cheese selection near the desserts, which is not something I’d noticed before.  There was also a papadum-like bread with chutney - I’m always a fan of this.  Somehow, I kept from over-eating and we went back to Boleros - which was definitely tonight’s hot spot.  Live music started and our bartender Fernanda made caipirinhas that were as good as Larissa’s, though without the need for me to mop sugar and lime juice out of the kitchen for the rest of the night.

That was where we nearly spent the rest of the evening until I realized we hadn’t visited the Labyrinth.  You may recall the one thing I miss from the Freedom of the Seas is Sabor, because on Indy, this spot next to the Schooner Bar is occupied by a nightclub called Labyrinth.  It’s theming reminds me of a goth club, and I mean that in a good way - it’s a neat looking space.  Ultimately, the loud music and dark lighting isn’t my thing, so we only spent a little time there, but it is, to me, a far more interesting space than so many of the open venus that are host to late night parties on other ships.  The theme also lead us to goof around a bit, so that was fun.

After Labyrinth I went back to the Champagne Bar where they’ve had my scotch, and a fantastic staff.  I’m here right now and consider this my “home base” for this sailing.  It’s really just the R Bar, but they haven't changed the colors to match (and there is no picture frame seat).  Tonight they advertised as  “Speakeasy” night, and the special menu includes cocktails that looked very much like what we’ve seen in the R Bar.  When I came back later to write this post, I noticed the front of that Speakeasy menu… it say’s R Bar on it.  Go figure.

Tomorrow is the last day, a sea day.  As seems the tradition on this cruise, we have no real plans, and to be honest I don’t want to think about the last day any more than I have to - but we’ll hope for a clear sky, high seas (because that’s what I’m into), and a loooong day.  I do have one meeting tomorrow that you’ll get to read about and listen to in the near future, so that’s today’s teaser.

Today’s takeaways:

  • The drink package definitely worked out nicely for us on this sailing, though I see a very clear correlation between having the drink package, and building a sizable surplus of half-consumed water bottles in our stateroom.

  • Brock, my MEI travel agent contacted me about yesterday’s NextCruise bookings, and after he compared them to those sailings with the new promotion, he found only one needed adjustment to get the best possible deal.  This is why a good travel agent is helpful.  Brock is off to sail Harmony this week by the way, so I truly hope he has a blast and stops answering my emails.

  • There was a 70’s party in the Royal Promenade tonight, and when that happens, if you’re at a surrounding bar, I recommend ordering doubles leading up to this point, because as soon as it was over everything got very busy, very quickly.

  • VOOM failed me tonight with regard to Periscope.  I tried dozens of times to broadcast my fun but it just wasn’t happening.  Checkout my Facebook page ( and Instagram feed ( for some video clips of the fun you missed.

Royal Caribbean Post Round-Up: November 27, 2016


Happy Thanksgiving! As you are enjoying turkey, pumpkin and cranberry leftovers, check out this week's round-up of all of this week's Royal Caribbean news.

Royal Caribbean rolled out a new combo offer that packages Royal Caribbean's high speed Voom internet with the deluxe internet package.

The "Sip and Stream" package is now available via Royal Caribbean's Cruise Planner and discounts the total price of trying to purchase the same options individually. For one low price, guests that pre-purchase this combo package can save money on their total cruise price.

There was more Royal Caribbean news from this week, so read on to see it all!

Royal Caribbean News

Royal Caribbean Blog Podcast

The 173rd episode of the Royal Caribbean Blog Podcast is now available, which features a behind-the-scenes look at how Royal Caribbean created the entertainment for Harmony of the Seas.

Matt had the exclusive opportunity to interview Royal Caribbean Managing Producer Alex Marchant to discuss how shows like Columbus, The Musical! were created.

Please feel free to subscribe via iTunes or RSS, and head over to rate and review the podcast on iTunes if you can! We’d appreciate it.

Royal Caribbean Around the Internet

OpenJaw reviewed their time onboard Harmony of the Seas, particularly the entertainment.

Royal Caribbean offers an inside look at what it is like to perform on a cruise ship.

CruiseHabit offers insight into how to pack for a 4-night cruise.

Independence of the Seas Live Blog - Day 2


I love going to new places, but quite often, after many Caribbean sailings, sea days seem to be my favorite.  We woke up later than planned after being out at The Dog & Badger pub until after 0200.  We got up just in time to head to the main dining room for breakfast, which we found on the Freedom sailing to be much better than the Windjammer.  With a nice table for two by a window we had a spanish omelette, eggs benedict, and muesli with a large portion of espresso.  The MDR was much busier than I remember it on other sailings in the morning - but perhaps it was just timing.  

We headed back to the stateroom after eating, and I really just wanted to pass out, but knew that it was time to enjoy the ship, so I jumped on Periscope, said hi to the internet, and went up on deck to roam.  I often gauge how a ship handles crowds based on pool areas on sea days (when the weather is nice).  

As is usual, I saw a number of “reserved” loungers, though I didn’t stay in one spot long enough to see if the crew were clearing them out after some time.  It was, without question, crowded - but not so much so that I felt I was dodging people as we walked around, it was comfortable, and if you weren’t married to the idea of getting a spot right next to the pool, there was still chair space about.  The real crunch was at the outdoor bars, which were slammed.  The crew was working hard to take care of everyone, so the wait wasn’t actually as much an issue as it looked.

After finally getting a drink from Carlos, the Brazilian bartender at the Sky Bar, we settled into a swinging bench at the Solarium.  It’s funny, on the group cruises time flies because I’m trying to pack in as much as possible - today though we spent a few hours just sitting on that swinging bench (as a server kept our glasses full), staring at the ocean, and ya know what… time still went by way too fast.  

We really enjoyed our time there though, and I’d be content repeating that each day.  I did recall while sitting there that on a recent episode of the Royal Caribbean Blog Podcast our friends Len and Laurel mentioned having a swinging bench on one of their verandahs in their Anthem loft suite.  

The next event of the evening was awesome.  Actually, it was a nap… but after that was great.  It was experience you just can’t arrange, well, for the most part.  We met up with our friends Gabby and Steve behind the Flowrider to take pictures in our (well, their) formal dress.  What made it awesome is that the real reason we were there was to take pictures while Steve proposed to Gabby!  We captured the moment, celebrated, and I didn’t cry a whole bunch or anything, no matter what Larissa says.  Congrats to them!  Let’s celebrate together by taking this same cruise next year!

Speaking of future cruises, we left Steve and Gabby to have a vat few glasses of scotch at the Champagne bar as I waited to for my NextCruise appointment.  The big ‘Cyber Weekend’ sale starts tomorrow, but I’ve found that some RCL sales are cup games, and you never know which sale will be best.  The upcoming promotion seems pretty good, but I wanted to lock in some prices just in case, and can always roll them into the new promotion tomorrow.  I booked several Royal Caribbean sailings as well as a Celebrity sailing.  For the record, if you book Celebrity at NextCruise the incentive is very similar to booking an RCL sailing, the only difference is that while with RCL you can take your on board credit on this sailing or the next, with Celebrity bookings it applies to your next cruise - I’m guessing this is just because applying a Celebrity on board credit to a Royal Caribbean cruise would be an accounting nightmare.  I’m glad to have everything taken care of, but I will say the process always takes a while - I’m beginning to suspect they use a combination of telegraph, semaphore, and carrier pigeons to get the information back to the Miami headquarters.  Oh, and I think I saw the nice woman turn a crank on some sort of steam powered machine as well.  All worked out, but the delay did cost us, literally.

Our plan was to have diner in the Windjammer, and when we ventured from NextCruise to deck 11 at 2130 we found that the Windjammer was closed.  This was a problem, as I was not about to resign myself to Sorrento's for dinner.  Luckily, Giovanni’s Table took our walk in with no issue.  It was our first time at Giovanni’s on any ship and while we really enjoyed it, it didn’t blow me away.  Between us we shared caprese salad, lentil soup, mushroom and truffle risotto, and spinach and ricotta crepes.  Being big fans of truffles we devoured the risotto and realized it’s almost certainly the same dish they served us in Chops on Freedom in September, which is not a bad thing at all.  For dessert we sampled everything, and it was all great.  The low point was the cannoli (I think they filled it too early, making the shell the wrong texture), then there was the custard, tiramisu (fantastic), and the chocolate cake, which was the high point for me.  Larissa took one bite of the cake, declared it too rich (for her taste, not mine) and proceeded to “chase” the cake with tiramisu, which I thought was hilarious.

Finally we met up with our friends who’d been waiting for the whole semaphore operation at NextCruise and our Giovanni's dinner to come to an end.  We arrived to find that while waiting, they’d tied a few on.  It was a fun evening and after today’s engagement, a very celebratory atmosphere at The Dog & Badger.  

All in all I loved today.  Days of doing almost nothing on a cruise make me feel more relaxed than anything else I know.  Tomorrow we’re in Cozumel, one of our favorite places.  Our plan is to, as usual, walk around the city, stop at Coz Coffe, and perhaps The Pub.  I’m also looking forward to stopping at Selecto (a local grocery store) to pick up some inexpensive liquor, hot sauces...who knows what else.  Oh, and we may try and exchange a dress that some of you watched Larissa buy back in September, it was a bit too large.

Day 2 Takeaways

  • The solarium and all the pool areas were hopping today, but I appreciated that I saw a decent number of servers walking around the area offering to get drinks.  This seemed to be in decline on many lines, so I was glad to see this.
  • There doesn’t seem to be live entertainment in the pub on Independence.  The staff said it’s been about a month since they last had a singer here.  This is a massive disappointment to me, as on Allure and Freedom this venue had the best atmosphere on the whole ship.  I’ll definitely be mentioning this to officers and including it on my feedback at the end of the sailing.
  • Maybe it’s because there are more families on this sailing than in the past (because of the holiday), but the smoking side of the deck isn’t as smokey - same with the casino.
  • On Freedom and Indy the Wipeout Bar (the bar near the Flowrider) seems to go unopened and unused.  

Royal Caribbean offering Black Friday & Cyber Monday Super Sale on Cruise Planner


Royal Caribbean is offering discounts on select pre-cruise purchases via its Cruise Planner site that coincides with Black Friday.

The Black Friday through Cyber Monday Super Sale runs through the end of Monday, November 28 at midnight and applies to options like beverage packages, shore excursions and more.

The exact discounts available will vary from sailing to sailing, but it may be worth checking which discounts are available for your sailing.

To check if your sailing has this new offer available, log into the Cruise Planner on Royal Caribbean's web site and navigate to the Dining & Beverage section to see any available offers.

If you spot a better discount on something you already pre-purchased, you should be able to cancel the purchase and then re-purchase the same item under this promotion.

Independence of the Seas Live Blog - Embarkation Day


Today was embarkation day for us, which is far from the most relaxing day on board, but always chock full of anticipation.

We’d initially planned to arrive at Port Everglades between 1000 and 1030, ensuring we’d be first on board.  After going to sleep at 0200 (not at all because we were still packing despite mutually agreeing we’d completed that task on Tuesday), we didn’t sleep terribly well.  The anticipation of embarkation day keeps many a sleep-lover awake at night.  We ended up arriving to Port Everglades at about 1100, still plenty early (and hours earlier than Royal Caribbean recommends).  I usually take a car service or get a ride, so it’s been years since I drove myself to Port Everglades to take a cruise and while it wasn’t painful, I’ll probably just take Uber or Lyft next time. It’s really is nice just getting right out at the curb.  Port Everglades parking, for the record, is $15/day.

Walking into Terminal 25 it was clear the facilities weren’t quite as plush as our last several cruises (including the Allure out of the same port).  The terminal is being renovated, as indicated by signs apologizing for the mess, so there are many temporary dividers, and the bulk of the checkin process takes place in an area that looks like a warehouse.  That in mind, it was silky smooth and perfectly functional - no complains at all.  Security took less than five minutes, we were walked right up to staff to check in (though we’re only Gold on RCL), and the agent got us checked in quicker than any cruise I can recall - it felt like less than a minute or two.  We then sat for maybe five or ten minutes before it was time to board.  All in all, it took about thirty minutes from arriving at Port Everglades to that magical chime when your SeaPass is first scanned - most of that thirty minutes was probably spent walking from the parking garage as I muttered something about Uber being easier.

Once onboard we headed right to the Windjammer for lunch.  It was reasonably empty since we were among the first to board, and had a reasonable selection, including a giant “Welcome” sheet cake (which I passed on in favor of other sweets).  I had some chana masala (my favorite Indian dish), vegetable biryani, kidney bean and pineapple stew (new to me, but pretty awesome), and some random vegetables.  Overall I was pleased with the selection.  Somehow, I managed to not overeat, had only a small selection of desserts (your standards), grab an espresso and then take a walk as the Windjammer filled with the losers guests that showed up later than we did.  Oh, for those who are so inclined, I did notice the much revered Honey Stung Chicken was there today!  I don’t eat meat, but the sign looked delicious.

From the Windjammer it was time to get a drink.  We headed up the Sky Bar as it was such a nice day we wanted to enjoy the air and sun.  I’m mostly a scotch person, but in the sun on a cruise, I tend to go for more tropical concoctions - and today’s choice, my first drink on Indy, was a Planter’s Punch.  After that (and a brief Periscope if I recall) we went for a walk, went to the MDR to request a table for two this sailing, then hit up the Viking Crown Lounge.

When we were on Freedom in September I really enjoyed the Viking Crown Lounge, having always admired those lounges for their view when sailing on other cruise lines.  Once we got to the lounge (Olive or Twist on both Independence and Freedom), we walked around and checked out the chapel upstairs (which is pretty neat looking).  One thing of note here, it seems the Diamond Lounge is being renovated, so Cloud 9 and Seven Hearts are designated as the temporary Diamond Lounge.

Continuing our roaming, we checked out The Dog & Badger, Indepence’s pub.  There we met up with some friends that are, just by luck, on this same sailing.  Their mention of this sentence is the test of whether or not they’re reading the blog - I’m looking at you Gabby and Steve.  It’s a great venue, and I always look forward to the singers at this venue at night, though as I write this from said venue, he or she may have had the evening off because it’s pretty quiet.

Next we headed to our stateroom, a Superior Ocean View Balcony which we booked as guaranty balcony.  We found the room to be much more spacious (in actual space and layout) compared to our ocean view stateroom on Freedom.  The balcony is particularly deep, too, which is nice - though I wish there were loungers, or at least ottomans out there.  I scoped a tour of the room, but I’ll offer up some pictures later.

Finally it was time for the muster drill, which I was dressed perfectly for.  The cruise overlords blessed us with an inside muster station, the Pyramid Lounge.  No standing, no sweating, just sitting in a lounge waiting for the fun to begin.  Once the muster drill is over on cruise that’s when I feel like vacation has actually started, as any scheduled events after that are purely optional.  

From the muster drill we went back to the Sky Bar for sail-away and did another live broadcast.  It was a beautiful site as the sun set against the South Florida skyline.  Both because of what it indicates and how it looks, this is one of my favorite sights of any Caribbean cruise.  

It is of course Thanksgiving in the US, so when it came time for dinner, we were conflicted.  I’m looking to take it very easy on this cruise, so hitting the Windjammer each night is tempting, but I did want to see what the MDR had to offer for the holiday.  There was only one logical solution: two dinners.  The Windjammer was dead quiet (later in the night at least, we usually have second seating), but the buffet was full of options.  While I had every intention of having only a small portion of a couple items I ended up with a plate full of different curries and vegetables.  It was awesome.  I also had what I think was my favorite Windjammer item so far - chana chat, which is an Indian appetizer made with chickpeas, onion, spices, etc.  I’m tempted to ask for this dish each night.  As we left the Windjammer I looked back and smiled, knowing there was so much leftover food and that the crew will eat well tonight.

After a pitstop at the Champagne Bar for one of our favorite scotches, we headed to the main dining room.  Our previously requested table for two took a while to find, because it turns out it was a table for four, but with only us.  It’s right in the center as you walk into the top deck of the MDR and overlooks the lower floors.  Start keeping score, because I’m very concerned: day one, zero items dropped onto the cruisers below us during dinner.  We had the squash soup and salad then a strawberry dessert before heading out.  Our wait staff was fantastic, and one of them is Brazilian, much to Larissa’s joy.

After dinner it was time for karaoke.  Carrying on with our tradition, Larissa thumbed through songs for twenty minutes as I enjoyed a drink, and by the time she found anything they’d filled all the nights slots for singers.  Better luck tomorrow.  I did notice the karaoke booths/rooms which you may or may not have seen Matt and I sing in on the Freedom of the Seas group cruise, we’re shut down on Indy, essentially used as storage.  While I don’t love karaoke, I thought this was a neat feature and hope they bring it back.  

Tomorrow is a sea day, and I’m stoked about just relaxing on board and exploring the ship.  Make sure you’re following me Periscope, Twitter, Facebook, etc as I’ll be providing all the updates I can.

Take-aways so far:

  • Indy is very similar to Freedom, but so far, except for the lack of Sabor there are a few small things that I actually like more on this ship

  • VOOM works on Indy, but not as well as Freedom.  For those nerds keeping score, I just got about 3 megs up, .6 megs down, with a ping of just over 600ms.

  • Royal Caribbean Hotel Directors dictate whether or not you’re given a receipt with your drink when you have a beverage package.  I don’t like wasting paper, but I like getting a receipt so I can add additional gratuity for those working hard.  On this sailing, I’m getting in the habit for asking the receipt so I can do this.

  • While I enjoy Freedom class ships, @Earl_McGrath from Periscope (who we’re hanging out with as I write this - he’s fun!) points out that having started on Allure of the Seas, it does feel like a minor step down to be on a Freedom class ship - but a blast either way.

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Royal Caribbean changes Empress of the Seas itinerary due to Tropical Storm Otto


Tropical Storm Otto has forced Royal Caribbean to make an itinerary change to Empress of the Seas' scheduled itinerary.

In a letter distributed to guests onboard, the ship's Captain explained the storm's effect of high winds and rain in the vicinity of Falmouth, Jamaica are expected to significantly disrupt the guest experience. Therefore, Empress of the Seas will visit Ocho Rios, Jamaica instead on November 24 from 8:00am to 4:00pm.

Due to the proximity of Ochio Rios to Falmouth, shore excursions booked with Royal Caribbean will continue to run as usual, with just three exceptions.

Spotted: Royal Caribbean drink package and internet combo offer


Royal Caribbean has a new option that we have spotted in the Cruise Planner that combines two popular cruise add-ons into one package together.

The Deluxe Package And Voom One Device offers guests the deluxe beverage unlimited alcohol package and a one-device Voom plan in one combo.

The cost of this package was listed at $49 per guest, per day. Compared to buying the two options separately, there are savings to the guest.

Keep in mind that this option may not be available for all guests, and exact pricing may vary depending on your sailing.

Behind-the-scenes look at Harmony of the Seas' entertainment on Royal Caribbean Blog Podcast


Our newest podcast episode is out to help give you a quick "audio escape" to a Royal Caribbean cruise!

Episode 173 is available for downloading, where we offer an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at how Royal Caribbean created the amazing entertainment on Harmony of the Seas.

In this week's episode, Matt sits down with Royal Caribbean Managing Producer Alex Marchant to discuss how Royal Caribbean brought the various shows on Harmony of the Seas to fruition, from concept to constuming to curtains up.

Here’s the podcast page for Episode 173. And don’t forget to subscribe to the podcast via RSSStitcher or on iTunes!

Take a listen and as always, let us know what you think! Please rate and review the podcast on iTunes and leave your comments below!

Independence of the Seas Live Blog - Preamble


We’re kicking off a new live blog this week on board Independence of the Seas and I promise that at least one of us is going to have a ton of fun (hint - it’s me, I’m the one going on a cruise).  My name is Bill and you may recognize me from my site, past group cruises, episode 146 of the RoyalCaribbeanBlog Podcast, or as an extra in Any Given Sunday.  This Thursday, Thanksgiving in the US, I’ll be embarking on a four night sailing on Royal Caribbean’s Independence of the Seas.

Why This Sailing

Last year Matt enjoyed Brilliance of the Seas over Thanksgiving, and when the choice is between coordinating multiple family gatherings while suppressing remarks like, “Pilgrims didn’t have buckles on their hats!” and taking a cruise, it seemed clear.  Further, cruising over Thanksgiving means that my spouse Larissa, nor I have to take use vacation time.  A huge plus when you’re trying to pack in as many cruises as possible.  

We looked at several sailings over the holiday, but ultimately the Independence was the only ship leaving out of Port Everglades (only 30 minutes from our home) on Thursday, and returning Monday morning, just in time for us to head back to work. Further, and a bit to my surprise, the price was right.  Usually I expect to pay a premium for holiday sailings, but it seems Thanksgiving may be the exception.  Lastly, we already enjoyed Freedom of the Seas on the September group cruise, and sailing her sister ship gives us the opportunity to check out her new broadway feature, Grease.

Our Plans

I often emphasize that some cruises are about exploring new places while others are about the shipboard experience.  For us, this sailing is about doing a lot of nothing.  With two full sea days to relax, and a day in Cozumel, one of our favorite ports, this will be a nice opportunity to just enjoy being away.

While in Cozumel we’ll enjoy our normal routine of a long walk through the city, just a block or two back from the touristy areas.  Here we can enjoy the pleasant locals, find a nice place for a cheap meal, and maybe head to the grocery store to see what we can find (those who follow my adventures on social media know I fell in love with Chedraui Selecto in Cancun a few weeks ago).  If we feel ambitious, we might even spend a few minutes exchanging for a different size a dress Larissa bought back in September.  You may have even seen her purchase it on Periscope (check out the 10 minute mark at

On board we have a few items we’ll be researching (have a request, reach out to me on Twitter and I’ll see what we can do), there will be lots of over-indulgence, Grease, and by total accident, we’ll spend some time with friends that we found out are staying in the stateroom next door.  I’ll also be keeping an eye out to identify differences between our recent sailing on Indy’s sister ship, Freedom of the Seas, and looking for anything special Royal Caribbean might be doing for the Thanksgiving holiday.  If I had to guess where I’ll be spending most of my time, I’d say the Solarium and the Schooner bar.

What’s Next

First, be sure you follow me on social media.  On Twitter and Periscope I’m @CruiseHabit, and you can bet I’ll be Periscoping quite a bit.  On Thursday morning we’ll be arriving to the port at around 1000 EST.  Be sure to follow along here for all of my live blogs.  

Remember, you have to read them all to find out just how much cake and scotch I can handle before my daily reviews become nothing but crooked pictures of food and incoherent ramblings.

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Royal Caribbean Cyber Monday Super Sale will offer up to $300 spending money onboard


Royal Caribbean is getting into the holiday buying spirit, with a three day "Cyber Monday Super Sale" that will offer quite a bit of onboard credit on top of the cruise line's current promotion.

The Cyber Monday deal will be valid on new Royal Caribbean cruises booked between November 26-28, 2016 for cruises on or after Dec. 25, 2016 (excluding China departures). The deal includes:

  • 50% Reduced Deposits
  • Up to $300 Onboard Credit per stateroom:
    • 5 Nights or Less:
      • $50 Onboard Credit for an Interior/Oceanview Stateroom 
      • $75 Onboard Credit for a Balcony Stateroom 
      • $100 Onboard Credit for a Deluxe Stateroom
    • 6 Nights or More:
      • $75 Onboard Credit for an Interior/Oceanview Stateroom 
      • $150 Onboard Credit for a Balcony Stateroom 
      • $300 Onboard Credit for a Deluxe Stateroom 

This great offer can be combined with Royal Caribbean’s November offer featuring BOGO 50% off with 25% savings for 3rd and 4th guests plus up to $100 Onboard Credit per stateroom.

  • 5 Nights or Less:
    • $25 Onboard Credit for an Interior/Oceanview Stateroom 
    • $50 Onboard Credit for a Balcony/Deluxe Stateroom 
  • 6 Nights or More:
    • $50 Onboard Credit for an Interior/Oceanview Stateroom 
    • $100 Onboard Credit for a Balcony/Deluxe Stateroom