Izumi Hibachi menu on Allure of the Seas

Last updated on November 22, 2017.

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Izumi Teppanyaki


Edamame Soy Beans

Green mix with ginger dressing

Vegetable fried rice or brown rice

Teppan premier combo $45


Beef and tiger shrimp


Chicken breast and tiger shrimp


NY steak and chicken breast


Sea scallops and lobster

Dipping sauces - Sweet chili, teriyaki, ginger onion

Teppan Classics $39

Yaki udon (Chicken, beef or tofu)

Tori - Chicken breast

Gyu - Beef tenderloin

Ebi - Tiger shrimp


Assorted mochi ice cream

Crispy sesame balls with red bean and plum sauce

Sushi - Appetizers


Miso soup $3

Shrimp & vegetable tempura $11

Shrimp firecracker spring roll $9

Pork gyoza dumpling $8

Carpaccio (5 pieces)

Tuna wasabi $9

Octopus Yuzu Chimichurri $10

Albacore takaki with sesame dressing and crispy leeks $9

Signature & Tradtional rolls (5 to 8 pieces)

Snow crab California $13

Champagne Yuzu lobster $15

Rainbow $14

Salmon lovers $13

Seared tuna tataki $12

Dragon eel $13

Crispy Philly $13

Izumi Spider Roll $13

Spicy tuna roll $9

Spicy cripsy shrimp $13

Vegetable roll $6

Chef's Signature Rolls (8 pieces)

Izumi Ryu "The WOW Futomaki" $17

Baked snow crab dynamite $16

Truffle creamy lobster tempura $17

Sushi nigiri / Sashimi (2 pieces / 5 pieces)

Albacore $6/$10

Freshwater Eel $6/$10

Sea Bass $6/$10

Amberjack $6/$10

Octopus $6/$10

Salmon $6/$11

Shrimp $6/$10

Tuna $6/$10

Yellowtail $6/$10