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Izumi on Adventure of the Seas

Last updated on August 6, 2018.

Menus provided by are unofficial and subject to change.


Edamame (complimentary)

Boiled soy beans, kosher salt


Seaweed Wakame Salad

Sesame oil, white sesame seeds $6

Deluxe Seafood Citrus Salad

Blanched lobster tail, octopus, and shrimp Ebi with pickled sweet cucumber and kaiso seaweed, daiko sprouts and roasted sesame seeds $9

Ahi & Albacore Tataki Salad

Chunked tuna and seared albacore, smelt egg, daikon sprout, cucumber, and spring mix, tossed in ponzu sesame and chili oil $9

Tofu Salad

Diced tofu, thinly sliced carrot, daikon sprouts, cucumber, asparagus and cherry tomato served with creamy sesame dressing on the side $7


5 pieces

Tuna Wasabi

Tuna sashimi, house ponzu olive oil, wasabi aioli and topped with masago smelt egg, garlic chips and jalapeño pepper $10

Albacore Tataki with Sesame Dressing and Crispy Leeks

Seared Albacore sashimi, house ponzu olive oil, creamy sesame dressing, fried crispy leeks with daikon radish and black sesame seeds $9

Octopus With Yuzu Citrus Chimichurri

Octopus sashimi, house ponzu olive oil, yuzu citrus chimichurri and masago smelt egg $10


Miso Soup

Traditional Japanese miso & dashi broth, diced tofu, wakame, scallions $3

Nigiri/Sashimi (2 pieces/5 pieces)


Shiro Maguro $6/$10


Kona Kanpachi $6/$10


Tamago Yaki $5

Freshwater Eel

Unagi $6/$10


Tako $6/$10


Sake $6/$10


Ebi $6/$10

Sea Bass

Suzuki $6/$10


Maguro $6/$11


Hamachi $6/$10

Combination / Bowls

Poke Bowl

Seasoned tuna, albacore, octopus, avocado chunk, seas salt, sesame chili oil, soy sauce, scallions, masago, sesame seeds, seaweed salad, sushi rice $17

DX Sushi Combo

Tuna, salmon, yellowtail, eel, halibut, shrimp, and albacore sushi with spicy tuna $16

Sushi Nigiri Combo

Tuna, albacore, salmon, yellowtail, kanpachi, halibut, shrimp, bonito, salmon roe $18

Assorted Sashimi Combo

3 tuna, 3 yellowtail, 3 salmon, 3 halibut and 3 amberjack $21

Signature Rolls

Half or full roll

Champagne Lobster in Yuzu Wrap

Blanched lobster roll, avocado, daikon sprouts in yuzu fruit wrap served with champagne sauce $7/$15

Boxed Yellowtail

Spicy creamy tuna sushi terrine topped with yellowtail sashimi, scallion, ponzu $7/$13

Snow Crab California

Snow crab, avocado and cucumber wrapped in soy paper $7/$13


Assorted sashimi on top of California roll $8/$14

Salmon Lovers Roll

Salmon sashimi and avocado on top of crab asparagus roll $7/$13

Seared Tuna Tataki

Shrimp tempura roll topped with seared tuna served with garlic ponzu sauce $7/$13

Spicy Crispy Shrimp

Shrimp tempura roll topped with crispy batter bits and served with unagi sushi sauce $7/$13

Dragon eel

Shrimp tempura roll topped with freshwater eel served with unagi sushi sauce $7/$13

Chef’s Signature Rolls

Half or full roll

Baked Snow Crab & Eel Dynamite

Snow crab, freshwater eel, cream cheese, cucumber and avocado baked with spicy mayo, garnished with garlic chili oil, lemon slice and champagne sauce $9/$16


Assorted Mochi Ice Cream $5

Sake & Sushi Specials

Beer & Sushi 

Choice of half Signature Rolle * choice of Asian beer $11

Sushi & Sake For Two

Choice of 3 half Signature Rolls and Hot Large Sake $30

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