Giovanni's Table dinner menu on Rhapsody of the Seas

Last updated on April 11, 2018.

Menus provided by are unofficial and subject to change.

Appetizers and Salads

Focaccia Della Casa

Flat Italian bread with potatoes and herb, marinated artichokes, olives and pesto

Carpaccio di Manzo

Thinly sliced seared beef tenderloin, crispy lettuces, shaved fennel, julienned sundried tomatoes, crispy garlic chips and herb-oil drizzle

Antipasti per Due

Two kinds of Italian salami, prosciutto, marinated anchovies, grilled artichokes, roasted peppers, zucchini, olives and Gambonzola cheese

Insalata Caprese per Due

A salad of vine ripe tomatoes and bocconcini mozzarella for two

Mozzarella in Carrozza alla Giovanni

Warm mozzarella and prosciutto bake, crispy ciabatta, mixed greens and Dijon mustard drizzle

Capesante al Forno

Oven baked, almond crusted scallops with red bell pepper pesto

Melanzane alla Parmigiana

Baked eggplant parmigiana Italian style

Insalata alla Cesare

Romaine lettuce tossed with Caesar dressing and herb croutons


Zuppa di Lenticchie alla Contadina

Vegetarian lentil and root vegetables soup finished with egg pasta

Cioppino con Pesce Misto

Fennel scented seafood-tomato stew and garlic-herb crostini


Gnocchi Di Patate Con Crema al Gorgonzola O Sugo D’ Agnello

Potato gnocchi tossed in light bleu cheese sauce or thyme-scented baby lamb and root vegetable sauce (also available for two)

Pappardelle Alla Crema di Radicchio e Pancetta

Pappardelle pasta in a radicchio cream and pancetta

Risotto Ai Fungi Trifolati

Traditional risotto made of Arborio rice and forest mushrooms, finished with porcini and truffle mushroom tapenade

Penne al Brandy, Crema di Gamberetti e Salmone

Penne pasta, baby shrimp and smoked salmon in a brandy sauce

Crespelle di Ricotta e Spinaci

Baked ricotta and spinach crépes served with your choice of Pomodoro sauce or with Bolognese sauce

Ravioli di Polpa di Granchio

Maryland crab ravioli with sweet corn and crab meat sauce


Costolette di Agnello Alle Erbe

Grilled lamb chops, baby vegetable caponata, sautéed spinach and Merlot reduction

NY Bistecca Fiorentina, Patate Fritte All'Olio Aliagato, Salsa al Barolo o Burro di Gorgonzola

8 ounces of NY strip loin, served with garlic fries and your choice of Barolo reduction or Gorgonzola butter

Filetto di Pollo Ripieno di Ricotta e Funghi, Salsa alla Salvia e Chardonnay

Chicken breast filled with ricotta and mushroom, wrapped in prosciutto and served with Chardonnay-sage sauce

Gamberoni al Forno, Patate Agliate, Asparagi e Zucchine

Baked jumbo shrimp, garlic tossed potatoes, baby zucchini and asparagus

Ossobuco Alla Piemontese

ossobuco au jus, with tomatoes, mushrooms, cheese polenta and sautéed green

Filetti di Sogliola

Pan seared sole filets over parmesan roasted potatoes ,with sautéed artichoke green olive tapenade and red bell pepper beurre blanc

Fagottini di Vitella Ripieni al Funghi Porcini, Provolone e Prosciutto Cotto, Salsa al Tartufo Nero

Veal tenderloin parcels filled with porcini mushrooms, provolone cheese and herbs with sautéed asparagus, black truffle sauce and veal jus