Boleros menu on Harmony of the Seas

Last updated on November 12, 2016

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Cocktails $11

Royal Borgoña

Summer berries jewel sweet, fragrant aqui liqueur and slightly sparkling Moscato wine in this Chilean take on a classic sangria

Pasion Caliente Caipirinha

Fresh passion fruit, fresh lime and Leblon Cambaza are a great match but their world is given a new direction with the introduction of pepperoncino and a dash of Seiracha

Triple Coconut Mojito

Malibu Coconut rum, coconut water and a rm of desiccated coconut are three more reasons to enjoy this Cuban classic

El Conquistador

Fresh lime scythes through Regal Mercals Smokey notes with a cayenne-dusted green apple slice for a hot and sour finish

Lobo Rojo

Bacardi Superior rum is heavily featured in this Royal original Strawberry jam as slammed into jalapeño peppers and lime juice and sweetened with agave nectar

Margarita El Picadura

Patrón Silver tequila and lime complement the subtle sweetness of the watermelon to give a morcush version of a Mexican classic

El Matador

Cranberry purée and sage leaves with fresh lime and orange liqueur, swirled with Duo Juho Blanco tequila

Royal Michelada

A Mexican classic tomato juice and fresh lime seasoned to your liking and topped with Don Equis XX and garnished with our Tajin-style rum

Grand Sangria

Fresh orange and grapefruit macerated in lemon juice and honey steeped Grand Mariner based Mercato

Cracked Rossini

Patron silver shoved together with black pepper and maple syrup infused strawberries topped with Champagne



Corazón $7.95

El Tesoro $7.95

Hacienda de Cristero $7.95

Porfidio Plata $7.95

Sauza 100 Anos Azul $7.95

Gran Patrón Platinum $29


Cabo Wabo $8.95

Corazon $8.95

Don Julio $8.95

Jose Cuervo 1800 $9.25

Patrón $9.25

Sauza Hornitos $8.95


Corazon $9.95

Don Julio $9.95

Patrón $9.95

Tres Generaciones $9.95

Gran Patron Burdeos $39


Ilegal Joven $11.95

Zignum Silver $7.95

Ilegal Reposado $14.95

Los Amante’s Anejo $13.95


Corona $6.25

Dos Equis $6.25

Negra Modelo $5.95

Tecate $5.95

Sol $5.95



646 Penfolds, “Koonunga Hill”, South Australia

Glass: $9

Bottle: $55

501 Errazuriz, “Wild Ferment, Casablanca Valley, Aconcagua, Chile

Glass: $14

Bottle: $56

658 Clos du Buis, North Coast, California 

Glass: $11 

Bottle: $44

Pinot Grigio

248 Danzante, Vernon, Italy

Glass: $11

Bottle: $44

Sauvignon Blanc

343 Kon Crawford, Marlborough, New Zealand

Glass: $12

Bottle: $50

Adventurous Whites

265 Castello de Poggio, Moncato, Pavva, Italy

Glass: $10

Bottle: $39

296 Coindreau, California

Glass: $14

Bottle: $58


223 Chandoe Bret, “Classic”, California

Glass: $14

Bottle: $55

346 Valdo Bret, Prossecco, Italy

Glass: $10

Bottle: $41


245 Berigner, White Zinfandel, California

Glass: $8

Bottle: $31

Pinot Noir

705 Spy Valley, Marlborough, New Zealand

Glass: $15

Bottle: $62

700 Estancia, "Pinnacles Ranches", Monterey County, California

Glass: $11

Bottle: $46


968 Chau de Boso, North Coast, California

Glass: $11

Bottle: $45

Cabernet Sauvignon

656 Chau de Boso, North Coast, California

Glass: $11

Bottle: $45

687 Aussieres Rouge, by Barons de Rothschild-Lafite, Languedoc, France

Glass: $8

Bottle: $35

Adventurous Red

724 Peter Lehmann Shiraz, “Weighbridge”, South Australia

Glass: $8

Bottle: $35

565 Terrazas de los Andes, Malbec, Mendoza, Argentina

Bottle: $56