Boardwalk Dog House menu on Allure of the Seas

Last updated on February 21, 2016

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The Sicilian

Pork, Garlic, Oregano & Italian spices in parmesan and cheddar baguette

The Coney Island Dog

All beef kosher style in classic bun

The Wünderdog

100% Delicate Veal, Traditional Austrian Style in plain baguette

The Smoke House

Pork, traditional spices, lightly smoked in cheddar & parmesan baguette

The Big Apple

Chicken, juicy bits of apple – low salt in parmesan and cheddar baguette

The German Thuringia Bratwurst

Pork, marjoram – genuince old world taste in caraway seed baguette



Tomato Ketchup

American Mustard

Sweet Relish

Side Orders

Sautéed onions


Sautéed mixed peppers


Potato Salad