Bar menu from Enchantment of the Seas

Last updated on October 15, 2016.

Menus provided by are unofficial and subject to change.

Adventurous Flavors $10.95

California Cooler

Torched Cherry Sangria

Captain's Caipirinha

Guava 'rita

The Grand Margarita

Tanq 10 Collins

Goombay Smash

Frozen mojito

J.W. Black Rob Roy

Ultimate Mai Tai


Ultimate Cosmopolitan

Washington Apple

Long Island Iced Tea

Red Bull & Vodka

All Aboard $4.50

Non-alcoholic cocktails

Passion Papaya Crush

Strawberry Lemonade

Pineapple Blast

Blueberry Dream

Red Delight

Silver Lining

Red Bull

Red, Blue, Yellow, Regular, Sugar-free


American Premium $6.50

Budlight Aluminum 16 oz.

Budweiser Aluminum 16 oz.

Michelod Ultra Aluminum 16 oz.

Coors Light  Aluminum 16 oz.

Miller Light Aluminum 16 oz.

Beers of the World

Heineken $5.95

Molson $5.95

Dos Equis $5.95

Amstel Light $5.95

Stella Artois $5.95

Kirin Light $5.95

Blue Moon Belgian Ale $5.95

Newcastle $6

Foster's Oil Can $6.50

Premium Alternatives

Redd's Apple Ale $6.50

Angry Orchard $6.50

Leinenkugel's seasonal shandy $6.50


O'Doul's $5.50