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By FlowBro Ty

Hi all welcome to my non live flow blog from the Oasis of the seas. 

This A Blog of day two of my western Caribbean voyage, So let's get started.



7:30 time to get up. I Will Skip Breakfast Today



8:45 Time to get in line for the flowrider for advance surfing session



9:00 to 11:00 The lines were short until 11:00 1584648380_flowm.thumb.JPG.2fddaff35369c83a13a0630d6dcf1218.JPG 


11:30 Wipeout Café time to get a bite to eat. I ate three hamburgers and ice cream


11:45 Time To Flow Again- Tip Go During Lunch For Shorter Lines


11:45 to 3:00 Flowrider until three. Made friends with the sport staff



3:30 Went back to room and pick up my DJ mix pads and went to the flowrider and mixed to 4:30



5:00 to 6:00 Hop back on the flowrider and had a blast and met some cool people 



7:30 dinner at the dinning rom on deck three. Had great wait staff




9:00 Walked around the ship and saw Spray Paint On A Wall. I'm glad some one is removing it.




10:30 Bed Time 


flow mo.JPG

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