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Cruise Newbie Questions


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First time cruiser here - am curious about a few things. 

1. We booked our cruise (Adventure of the Seas, 7 nights, leaving July 6, 2018) through Expedia - I cannot figure out if dining gratuities are included. If not, what is the cost associated with 7 nights?

2. How does my time dining work? I see you can book a time to reserve your main dining room table every night. Can you choose different times each night? What happens if you change your plans and don't show up? Are you charged? Will they cancel future times?

3. To clarify - the buffet and main dining room are included in the cost of your cruise. Only specialty restaurants will be an additional charge?

Thank you in advance! I am a crazy Disney World trip planner so I don't know how I didn't realize similar planning would need to happen for a cruise!

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1. Check your statement from Expedia. It should say if gratuities were prepaid. If not, it is $14.50 per day per person. This includes dining staff and stateroom attendant.

2. You can reserve each night individually at whatever times you’d like. I typically book the same time every night and can change on board as needed. No charge if you don’t show up but I let them know so my table can be used by someone else.  I like booking around 6:15 every night so we can keep the same table and wait staff. By keeping the same wait staff, they learn your habits, drink orders, etc. which I think makes it easier. Plus, that time gets us to all shows we’d like to see. 

3. Yes, buffet and MDR are included. There will be other places included like Sorrentos and Cafe Promenade. Only specialty restaurants will cost extra. 

So much easier than planning WDW! Just plan shore excursions and dining. Everything else just falls into place. 

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1 hour ago, smtwist said:

Thank you @melski94!!!! What time typically do the shows start at night?


I find that the shows start between 8-9.  Sometimes there is an early show for late seating in the traditional dining but not always. We tend to go to the shows around 8-9. Look at the top of the menu under Cruise Compass and look for your ship..of course anything can change but it gives you an idea.  

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