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Sleeping Arrangements

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How can I find out exactly what type of sleeping options will be available in each of our cabins?

Oasis June 2018, 11 people (5 adults, 3 teens, 3 kids), 5 cabins--3 oversize water balcony in a row, 2 Central Park balcony next door to each other--but none are interior connecting

For reservations purposes, our TA pretty much randomly assigned us to our cabins. We will probably reassign a few people before we sail. 

Every room has the 2 twins that can be separated or together, right? And does every room have a sofa? Is every sofa a pull-out bed?  We are all family and the teen & kid cousins will all want to sleep with each other.  But we also have 1 teen that requires adult supervision (special needs).  I just want to have an idea of what to expect.

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Look at the deck plans for Oasis and find your staterooms.  When there is a triangle there will be a pull out sofa.  If nothing, then it is just a King that can be separated into 2 twin beds.  

I'd figure out the rooms as it would be easier to change now or you will need to get extra keys onboard from guest services.  You can change passenger names now as long as 1 person on the reservation stays in the room.


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