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Things to do in these Southern Caribbean ports

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Need suggestions. What would you recommend for unplanned ports?

2 “Vintages”, no matter which “Live Blog” definition you go with. 😀 Although our grandkids say we don’t act our age - so we do have that.

Puerto Plato.        
San Juan - plan to walk or taxi to the forts. 
St John’s, Antigua. 
Bridgetown, Barbados. 
Castries, St Lucia - Excursion to Diamond Falls with Shore Excursions. 
St Kitts - Scenic Railroad Tour with RC

Just trying to see what to do on our own.

Thanks for any help

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In Barbados we did a catamaran and snorkel. I would recommend it was awesome! Very little walking and a beautiful boat ride. We booked it through RCI.

I know you already have plans for St. Kitts but to anyone else looking for plans I recommend the run tour through RCI. It was fantastic!! 

For St. John we got off the ship and got a taxi to a beach. It was nice and pretty. We just rented loungers and then bought beers and coolers from a store across the street from the beach. 

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