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Cruise planner show booking disappeared

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I’m going on Harmony in a few weeks and a little while ago I noticed the shows pop up in the cruise planner and you were able to reserve ahead of time. I booked what I wanted and I’ve been checking periodically to see if anything has changed as it seems to be slim offerings listed compared to what I’m used to seeing, especially for an 8 night cruise. Tonight I just went in to look and the Fine Line has completely disappeared from the list of shows, along with my reservation I had for it in my calendar. Just checked my email as well and there’s been no notification of cancellation or anything. Anyone have any insight on what’s going on with this?? Thanks!

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No idea but I’d keep checking.  It could be they are changing the days/times of events.  I am currently on Symphony, when I got into my cabin there was a note they changed the day of one of my shows, which clashed with the time of another show-but the app allowed their change.  A quick trip to the box office and was able to shift things. So if it isn’t bookable again prior to boarding either check the app once you connect to ship WiFi and check or go directly to wherever they set up the box office and get it straightened out.

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